What to Expect

What to Expect When Taking Vidazorb Chewable Probiotics

When you begin a probiotic regimen with Vidazorb® chewable probiotics, you should experience a change in your digestive system, which helps with your overall feeling of wellness. Taking three Vidazorb® probiotic tablets a day as recommended (easy to do with convenient, take-anywhere, non-refrigerated Vidazorb® formulations) will deliver up to 30 billion beneficial microorganisms to your gastrointestinal (GI) system – helping to regulate your digestion as well as possibly build your immunity.

Here is what you can expect to feel when you take Vidazorb®:



- Within the first few weeks of taking Vidazorb® chewable probiotics most people experience more digestive regularity. This is normal and beneficial for health. Many doctors recommend one-to-two bowel movements each day.

- Some notice a change in the texture and consistency of their stool within the first few days to weeks of taking Vidazorb® chewable probiotics and find it easier going to the bathroom more regularly.


- As time goes on, you may stop noticing your digestive system altogether. We tend to only think about our gut when there’s a problem and if you’ve had issues with bloating, diarrhea, constipation, gas and burping in the past, you may see your symptoms lessen, allowing you to feel more confident about your digestive health.

- You may also begin to notice improvements in areas other than your digestive system. Some notice that the appearance of their skin improves. Others find that they don’t have as many colds or flu-like symptoms as they used to. Many also feel an overall improved sense of inner balance and general wellness.

Give any probiotic regimen a chance to work.
While many people feel the benefits of probiotics within a few days of taking them, everyone’s reaction is different. Depending on your baseline health, use of antibiotics or other medications, severity of digestive issues and many other factors, it may take a bit longer to experience the benefits.

Even though probiotics have been found to be safe for almost all users, check with your doctor if you have any concerns.

Additional information can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions and Ask the Expert sections. We also have a great list of recommended reading for all things probioics.

Vidazorb® can also be helpful when treating diabetes, Crohn’s disease, celiac disease and when prescribed an antibiotic regimen.