What to Expect When Taking Probiotics

Beltsville, MD, March 2010 — Everyone is hearing a lot about “probiotics” these days. But not everyone may realize probiotic bacteria can improve digestive health and help boost immunity. With the good bugs being all over the news and in all those yogurt commercials, some may wonder if this is just another health craze. Yet, the fact is that millions of people supplement their diets with probiotic bacteria with wonderful results. In fact, Vidazorb® chewable probiotics have been found to be helpful with digestive health, stomach comfort and even such maladies as childhood eczema.

So, what can be expected once the good bugs “hit your belly”? It’s no surprise that there will be different results for different people. Young or old, male or female, feeling great or feeling blah will all affect how the body responds. In the first few days there might be an increase in elimination, though not the sort we associate with diarrhea. Normal bowel movements are essential to health. In fact, most doctors feel that one or two BMs per day are desirable. After a period of time—days, weeks—there will be more regularity in going to the bathroom, which will be easier on the gut.

There also might be an increase in gas and bloating. But this is usually very temporary. The side-affects will decrease as the body gets adjusted to new amounts or strains of good bacteria.

As time goes on after taking probiotics, the digestive system will not cause as much discomfort as it did in the past. Some may not even realize there was an issue before until it no longer exists. And previous problems with bloating, diarrhea, constipation, gas and burping? They will likely be lessened, leading to a more overall confidence with the digestive system and the body.

While many people feel the benefits of probiotics within a few days of taking them, everyone’s reaction is different. Depending on your baseline health, use of antibiotics or other medications, severity of digestive issues, or amount of probiotic strains already in the system, it may take a bit longer to experience the benefits.

There can also be noticeable improvements in other areas. Some notice that the health of their skin improves. Others find that they don’t experience as many colds or flu-like symptoms as they used to.

The bottom line is this—give any probiotic regimen a chance to work. It is a gradual process of adjustment to a new internal balance.

Vidazorb® is great for all body-types, ages and gender—this includes children, who often have digestive issues. Whatever probiotic supplement one takes, make sure the particular strains being used are safe and well studied. Vidazorb® uses proprietary strains from Chr. Hansen with years of clinical studies attesting to their quality, efficacy and safety. Finally, let’s consider the other aspect of supplement choices. What about calories or if someone is diabetic or lactose intolerant? These factors all contribute to which probiotic is the best choice and Vidazorb® may just be the best answer!

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