Vidazorb Chewable Probiotics Beat the Bloat and Boost Beach-Body Confidence

Beltsville, MD, March 2010 – While there may be unwanted pounds that we all would love to shed, the fact is, focusing on feeling better and controlling our bodies may be the overall key to having the utmost confidence on the beach this season. As spring hits, the normal gut reaction is to jump in to a crazy weight loss regimen to get in swimsuit shape—while fad diets may quickly shed pounds, some can backfire, causing unnecessary binges, stomach upsets and skin breakouts. Instead of throwing our bodies into extreme diet mode, why not make 2010 the year to focus on feeling great and embracing a healthy lifestyle as the best way to be ready for summer?

Vidazorb® Chewable Probiotics are a delicious, convenient and calorie-free way of keeping the digestive system running smoothly—with less bloating—helping to achieve that better-looking bikini body. There is an added bonus for those who often struggle with GI issues during vacation travel, as Vidazorb will help boost the immune system and keep the digestive system in better shape. A belly low in good bacteria can lead to gastrointestinal distress, allergies, autoimmune disease and even skin problems like acne—all of which can feel like a major catastrophe when the body is being covered by only by an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, yellow polka dot bikini!

Having a beach-ready body also includes having clear, healthy skin—which Vidazorb® can also support. In fact, maintaining the natural balance of ‘belly bacteria’ may be key to beautiful skin. When gut flora is out of balance, the body is unable to absorb good nutrients, including those essential for keeping skin healthy and glowing. To address skin problems, probiotic supplements like patent-pending Vidazorb® can be a powerful addition to any skin care regime.

For added bathing suit confidence, be sure to make Vidazorb® a permanent fixture on the summer shopping list. Since Vidazorb® doesn’t require refrigeration, they are easy to throw in a beach bag and take on-the-go—whether spending a week away on a white sandy beach or just having a day getaway to the local pool.

About Vidazorb®
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