Vidazorb Brand of Chewable, Patent-Pending Probiotic Supplements Offer Strength in Numbers

Delicious Probiotic Formulations Deliver Impressive Amount of Health Boosting Bacteria To Your Belly

Beltsville, MD, July 2008 – With mounting scientific evidence validating the effectiveness of probiotics, these beneficial bacteria are becoming popular with health professionals. And while the popularity of these friendly bugs grows along with the number of positive results from clinical studies, some supplements on the market may not deliver as many beneficial bugs as are needed to provide health benefits. This may lead consumers to ask, “How many bacteria does it take to provide a health benefit?”

The fact is, it requires a lot – billions of these organisms, in fact. Fortunately, Vidazorb® patentpending probiotic supplements can deliver billions of bacterial colony forming units (CFUs) per dose when used as directed. In the scientific community, it is generally believed that to bring about any measurable health effect from probiotics, a daily dose of more than one billion bacteria is required. Why so many? It is estimated that the human body is made up of a staggering one quadrillion bacteria, while the human gastrointestinal tract – where approximately 80% of our immune system is located – hosts a massive 100 trillion bugs. Thus, in a bacterial ecosystem of such magnitude, it is imperative that a probiotic deliver enough bacteria to become firmly established as part of the microflora balance that is critical for maintaining strong core health.

But keeping these bacteria alive and viable in the bottle proves challenging. Many popular probiotic supplements on the market are unable to deliver on their number claims. In a 2006 ConsumerLab test of popular probiotic supplements, it was revealed that 44% of the products reviewed contained fewer viable organisms than were known to be effective or were claimed on the packaging. Some products even contained less than the minimal one billion viable organisms needed to meaningfully support health.

“Strength in numbers is a core philosophy with Vidazorb® probiotic supplements, and our patentpending formulations are specifically developed to ensure effective delivery of more bugs to your belly.” says E. Frank Hodal, Jr., Founder and CEO, Little Calumet Holdings, LLC, makers of Vidazorb®. “This commitment to providing the best possible probiotic supplements has culminated in quality assurance tested products that have superior shelf stability at room temperature.”

Using five billion CFU per strain per tablet, Vidazorb® probiotic formulations can provide up to thirty times the minimum therapeutic threshold per dose. Seven years of meticulous product development have culminated in innovative, proprietary formulations that do not require refrigeration, a convenience that can’t be overrated. In fact, stability testing at independent labs confirms the viability of friendly bacteria for two years “on the shelf.” Great care has been taken in the selection of ingredients and packaging to ensure that the Vidazorb® brand delivers the finest and most effective probiotics available. Chr. Hansen’s clinically substantiated Probio-Tec® probiotic strains are used exclusively in all Vidazorb® products, together with Masquelier’s® Original OPC, and selected vitamins.

With a solid commitment to science and quality, as well as a determination to bring about better health by restoring proper microflora balance in the belly through the maximum delivery of bacterial CFUs, Vidazorb® is poised to become the brand of choice for today’s discerning health care professionals and health conscious consumers.

About Vidazorb®
Vidazorb® represents the development of superior shelf-stable, chewable probiotic formulations to provide essential support for core health needs. Research and development, together with a commitment to quality and efficacy, defines Vidazorb® as a brand of integrity and excellence.

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