Vidazorb Probiotics – Vacation Travel

Well, no sooner is our new website up and running than my wife and I are heading out on our much anticipated vacation. And when we pack (or over pack) there will be Vidazorb® in our carry-on bags and in our suitcases. Even before we leave for sunshine south of the border we will each consume a healthy dose of Plus (she) and SuperC (me). And even though I always like meeting people when we travel I’d prefer not to make friends with their germs! The best way for me to “keep my distance” is by having an immune system that is at optimal efficiency and Vidazorb® SuperC helps me accomplish that.

I’ll have a number of new posts to share shortly after my return. Upcoming will be posts about gardening and Legionnaire’s disease; the connection, for me, between Dr. Gregor Reid and Lyuba, the frozen baby mammoth; and, why laughter and sharing seem to be so good for our health!

Until then, I wish you all good health.

And remember, You Are What You Absorb.