To Be Frank With You


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While the general public’s knowledge continues to grow, there are many aspects to the benefits and uses of probiotics that most people are unfamiliar with. We receive questions and comments on a broad range of issues relating to probiotics and would like to share them with you! Below are some of the interesting and unique questions and their respective answers from Vidazorb CEO Frank Hodal.


How much OPC is in your +OPC formula?

We use 17 mg of Masquelier’s Original OPC in each +OPC tablet which equals 51 mg per day when taking the recommended 3 tablets. The 51 mg is a little more than the amount deemed necessary to provide a therapeutic measure of OPC. This number was arrived at in consultation with the Masquelier representatives here in the USA and at the home facility in France.


What is the minimum age to give my child Vidazorb®?

There really is no age restriction. If your children cannot easily chew Belly Boost, you can just crush it and give it to them with a drink or in their food.


I’m lactose intolerant – is it safe for me to take Vidazorb®?

Yes. Vidazorb® is formulated without milk or dairy products and is completely safe for the lactose intolerant.


What about taking probiotics with antibiotics?

You definitely should take them before you began taking an antibiotic course of therapy and for several weeks after you finish. Remember to complete the prescription. However, taking Vidazorb® while at the same time taking antibiotics can result in you wasting your money. Depending on the antibiotic that has been prescribed the Vidazorb® probiotic bacteria could be wiped out daily. Remember, antibiotics can kill our bacteria indiscriminately as they seek to destroy a particular pathogenic bacteria. See what your doctor thinks. And if the antibiotics cause diarrhea then I recommend you take Belly Boost™ early and often.


Are these safe to take while nursing? If so which ones do you recommend?

Yes, indeed, not only is it safe to take Vidazorb®, numerous studies show that the healthier the mother’s microbiota the healthier the child.

The mother’s body provides the beneficial bacteria to the child both at birth and while breast feeding. Indeed, the breast experiences physical changes to make sure the infant gets as much of the mother’s bacteria as possible. Not only does this colonize the infant’s gut but it also helps in the rapid development of a strong immune system. By taking Vidazorb® probiotics you’ll be helping your body provide those benefits to your child.

Now, which formula to take. That is very hard to say with any confidence as so many variables need to be considered. For example, did you deliver your child via C-section or was it a “natural” childbirth? What is the state of your own gastrointestinal health? Are you under a lot of stress? Those sorts of questions would need to be answered to make an informed decision and it could change overnight.

Let me recommend that you take Vidazorb® Plus for a month and then, after you’ve been taking it for two or three weeks, introduce Vidazorb® Belly Boost™ into your regimen. Depending on how you feel, take from three to six tablets a day. Don’t forget, you want to share the benefit of these bugs while you can. If you decide to use just one formulation, try Vidazorb® Plus.

Vidazorb® isn’t a drug and no one can say, “Take this formulation for that problem in this amount.” The body and the bugs just don’t work in such a manner that a statement like that can be absolutely true—though I wish I could.


Do you have data on survivability inside the GI tract after ingesting your product?

We have both empirical and anecdotal evidence that the strains survive but as for “data,” well, that’s a very misleading word. Can we enumerate the CFUs found in fecal matter? Yes. But what does that mean? Is passing through “surviving?” We are more interested in adhering to the gut’s biofilm and supporting the colonization of the microbiome. The evidence we most trust is that people “feel better” and that in many cases—especially with children suffering from eczema and adults afflicted with celiac disease—people find relief from the most vexing of symptoms. Now, one might contend that this is merely because Vidazorb® chewable probiotic strains use the mouth and gums as entry into the gut but I doubt it—though, here again, Vidazorb® has improved the oral hygiene in many users.

An argument is often made that probiotic strains need to be encased in some sort of shell in order to colonize the gut. That may be true of some strains, I cannot say, but it’s not true of most and certainly not true of ours. Consider this, nature was filling us with probiotic bacteria for millennia, from the mother’s birth canal, to her breast milk, to everything we picked up from the primitive world mankind lived in. There is no evidence that nature provided a hard candy coating on bacteria so mankind could benefit from it.