The Thrifty Things – Vidazorb Review

August 2010

There is nothing worse than having an achy tummy. Sometimes our natural balance of probiotics, which is essential to our system to digest food and absorb nutrients, is disturbed. Taking a probiotic supplement can help regulate our system. Because probiotic imbalance can happen in children too, they need a safe effective product.

Belly Boost Chewable Probiotics are designed especially for children and can “help maintain digestive health and overall wellness“.

With only one wild berry flavored tablet three times per day, Belly Boost will deliver beneficial microorganisms to your child’s gastrointestinal system – helping to regulate their digestion as well as helping to build their immunity.

Vidazorb has spent seven years with product development and meticulous testing to produce a shelf stable product which will be safe for your child. However, BellyBoost Chewable Probiotics can also be taken by adults. Simply change the dosage to three pills daily.

Vidazorb states that the product may take several days to several weeks to work. Vidazorb does have some side effects for the first few days (an increase in gas and bloating.) With continued use most people have less bloating, diarrhea, constipation, gas, and burping.

My kids and I tried Belly Boost. It’s easy and convenient to take. The wild berry taste is much like that of a multivitamin. I did notice a positive change in my digestive system after a few days. I have GERD and my symptoms seemed to lessen.