The Luxury Spot – Clean Yo’self Out

You’re all about to see a side of me you never knew existed, and maybe never cared to know about.  ut I do this for the good of the general public… This is’s version of when Oprah brought Dr. Oz on her show to talk about shit (literally).

One of the lovely ladies at Vidazorb recently contacted me and insisted that I try their chewable daily digestive support pills.  I thought, “Digestive support? Eh? Ok.” But, probiotics are all the rage now, and a natural way to get, ummm, cleaner feeling.

Vidazorb Gets You Digestin’ ASAP!

Vidazorb was an unexpected boost… After weeks of harsh medicines and vitamins circulating through my body from the birth of my son, the billions of live probiotics in each chewable tablet really helped my stomach. After 2-3 days I noticed less stomach aches, and my everlasting cold was almost gone!  I hadn’t really given probiotics a chance before this, but they’re said to boost the immune AND digestive systems… and now I’m a total believer.

At $32 for a full month supply (in delish chewable lemon flavor that’s like a tiny candy), you can’t go wrong.

Think about it, you spend $3 for a latte every morning, about $1 a day for Vidazorb seems like a much better investment!