Vidazorb Probiotics – The Itch That Rashes

If you recognize that phrase there is a very good chance that you or someone you know suffers with atopic dermatitis, commonly called eczema. If you don’t know about the itch and about the rash and about the misery of eczema, well, count yourself lucky.

I didn’t appreciate the number of people who suffer from eczema nor was I aware of how life changing something as ‘simple’ as a rash could be. In fact, it wasn’t until a mother called me and in a tearful voice referred to me as a “miracle worker.” I’ve been called a lot of things but that was the first time I was labeled with that accolade.

It turned out that her very young boy had debilitating eczema and serious food allergies. “Modern medical science,” she had been told, “had failed them.” Wow, where do you go from there when your son isn’t any better and everyone in the family is sick with worry? Believe it or not—and I will admit to learning of this myself—it was Vidzaorb® Belly Boost that did the trick. Astounding! In a mere three days there was a significant change in her son and his eating habits and his eczema. It was a benefit to our probiotic formulations that I didn’t see coming. Wasn’t on the company radar. Hadn’t a clue. Miracle worker, indeed.

Science and medical research doesn’t know everything there is to know about eczema or even that manifestation of it that is called atopic dermatitis. Why does a mother’s perfume trigger an allergic response in one baby but not another; why does one soap develop a rash but not another; why are green beans okay for one child but turn another child ‘green?’

Even less well known is how probiotics work and why and to what extent. When I created Vidazorb® about the only thing I knew about the connection between atopic dermatitis and probiotic bacteria is that eczema seems to be strongly hereditary and mothers who ‘corrected’ their gut bacteria during pregnancy had babies who did much better avoiding all the annoying symptoms of eczema up to four years following their birth! Hot stuff, I agree, but I didn’t connect A to B to C equals Miracle. Now we have mothers from all over the country reporting success. Their children take Belly Boost™ to help with potty training, digestive problems and, most significantly, eczema.

Now, it hasn’t worked for everyone. Of all the mothers and children involved, two have not had success. I don’t know why but I’m looking into it. So far the two seem to LACK any food allergies and, since the immune system is more or less created in our guts and, since our guts are probiotic bugs playgrounds of choice, maybe an essential connection cannot be made. I don’t know yet. But given that it works for so many we’ll keep on making Belly Boost™ available. And if moms and dads want to think of the good results as a miracle, well, that’s just fine with me and the bugs.

Always remember, You Are What You Absorb!

Frank Hodal.