The Fit Bee – Giveaway Time Probiotics

Hello there! I am kicking off an important date this week. This Thursday February 24th marks the most important day of my healthy journey! It is the day I walked into Weight Watchers and began to change my lifestyle and improve my health.So to celebrate with everyone and thank everyone for their support I am hosting some giveaways all week long! So stay tuned!

My first awesome giveaway and promotion is Vidazorb chewable probiotics. I was approached by vidazrob to review their most popular probiotic +OPC

I must admit I was skeptical when I heard about Vidazorb. I did not know much about probiotics, I knew I wanted to try them with my celiac disease and gastrointestinal issues. probiotics have also been proven to help people trying to lose weight like me by helping the metabolism increase and regulating your body. It was tough because there are so many brands out there I did not know which would be best for me. Vidazorb is a chewable probiotic that does not need to be refrigerated! This is great for someone like me who is always on the go I can carry it anywhere.

What I liked about Vidazorb? It contains 30 billion live active microorganisms. This chart helped me see the benefits and calorie savings! I was eating actvia before and hoping for results for my constipation issues, but I was tired of wasting my Weight Watchers points on it. The beauty of Vidazorb is there are no calories!  How did it taste? I was pleasantly surprised, I had pomegranite flavored small chewable tablets. The tasted good, and the tablets were as small as an Advil. No big disgusting chewable tablets here, just small easy to chew little quick tablets.

Did it work? It took my body about a week and a half to adjust and say hey this stuff is good. What do I mean? Well the first few days I did not seem to notice much of a difference, but it did help regulate my stomach very quickly. I was able to be comfortable and get regular. After a week on Vidazorb I felt better and my stomach was less bloated. I was skeptical and proven wrong. I was concerned about them being gluten free, but they are and surprise recommended for people with Celiac Disease check it out here.

Anything I didn’t like? Well it was annoying getting used to it, there was some extra flatulence in the beginning of starting them. But this is to be expected when putting good stuff into your belly! I would like to see an option for a childproof cap for those of us with curious toddlers this was my main gripe with the packaging. But that is about it!

Do you take probiotics currently? Or are you thinking about starting?

I would reccomend them to help your stomach and body. For me it is another step in my health journey and one I am aiming to stick with. The probiotics helped me regulate my system and made me feel better.

So I have a chance for you to win some today!! And even if you do not win the folks at Vidazorb have been generous and given us a huge promotional discount!!!! How does 40% off sound??? It sounds awesome to me and I know you will not be disappointed! Head on over to their informative website and check it out! And if you are like me and ready to start getting healthy and want to try them use promotion code: CFB40 to receive this generous offer today!!!

To enter this give away you have multiple options:

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I will be picking 3 lucky winners on Saturday morning 9AM ET before I head away for my half marathon weekend so please enter and spread the word!!!