The Bug in the Bee in my Belly

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The Bug in the Bee in my Belly

Okay, I admit it, I love to read science books that are odd in conception but lovely in execution. Such a book is Joel Levy’s A Bee In A Cathedral: and 99 other scientific analogies.  Great stuff and here’s why it’s even in my blog: it has all sorts of incredible numbers about bacteria (bugs) in our bodies.

For example: there are 100,000 bacteria per square centimeter of skin; 1 billion bacteria in our mouth; 750 trillion in our guts! Without these bugs our immune system couldn’t function. Without these bugs it would be all over. Bacteria is essential to our well-being.

Also, we have to remember that bacteria are alive. Like them, we are under ‘attack’ all day long. In a section entitled “Blueprint for life,” Joel Levy tells us that on average a human cell can divide once a day but bacteria, so long as they have the needed nutrients, can divide as many as 280 trillion times a day! He writes, “A bacterium such as Clostridium perfringens can reproduce every nine minutes. Theoretically at this rate a single bacterium could produce more offspring in two days than there are protons in the universe.” I would have added an exclamation mark but Mr. Levy doesn’t. And it is because of this dynamic process going on inside of us that I have always recommended that Vidazorb© be part of a daily regimen even if you are feeling top-of-the-worldish.

Remember, you are what you absorb (trillions and trillions a time every day!)

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