The Accounts of a Probiotic Newbie – Winning the Battle Against Eczema

I started having a love affair with a little guy named Zorbee. It’s been about two months now. And let me tell you, I am hooked. This is how my romance began. My son James was born in November of 2008. He was the most perfect little baby. He was so calm, he didn’t scream in his carseat like his big sister Olivia. He was Mr. Mellow, just like his daddy. I will never forget the day James was affected by eczema. We were taking professional family pictures. James was 5 months old. I noticed red blotchy marks under his chin. And he was really irritable and fussy. It was so out of character for my little guy. I thought he was getting tired from taking pictures all day. But when we got home and I undressed him for his bath, I noticed lots of raised red patches all over his arms and legs. He was itchy and miserable. I immediately took to the internet and started researching.

I soon discovered it was eczema. I took him to the doctor to double check. And my suspicions were correct. I breathed a sigh of relief because I knew what was causing my baby to have these rashes all over his body. I thought, “Olivia had this when she was a baby and she grew out of it by her first birthday.” But fast forward almost two years later and my son (who will be 3 in November)still suffers from eczema. I discovered Vidazorb when my son was a year old. During my research for eczema remedies, I came across a mommy blog that described what Vidazorb was and how it helped with her son’s eczema. Of course, I poured through the Vidazorb website. And I said,”There is no way I’m paying $40 bucks for a bottle of vitamins!”

So fast forward another year and a half, I came back to the Vidazorb website and decided to bite the bullet and decided to give Vidazorb a try. Luckily there was a special going on their Facebook fan page to save 60% off of one bottle. I eagerly waited for my lone bottle to arrive. It took almost a week to get here. I was worried that my son wouldn’t like the flavor. And what happened if it didn’t help his eczema? But my hunches were all wrong. As soon as the bottle of Vidazorb came, I tore open the box and gave my son and my daughter a Zorbee. I waited to see what the verdict was (fingers crossed) and both kiddos gave me a thumbs up. My son even asked me for another one!

Anyway, to make a long story short, my son’s eczema is nearly nonexistent. I give him and his sister a Zorbee three times a day. It took a few short days before I started seeing results. Now my son sleeps through the night (that means I get to sleep through the night too ;) He doesn’t complain that his “owies” hurt him anymore. It would break my heart that my son would wake up screaming every night because he would itch so bad. Nothing soothed his eczema. I tried countless remedies, took him to an allergist, a dermatologist, put him on very strong steroid creams, and tried homeopathic things. But absolutely NOTHING worked, until I met Zorbee. We’re working on our second bottle now. And I regret not starting my kids on probiotics sooner. And I read that it helps with potty training, too. Apparently it does help because my lil guy is almost completely out of diapers. Now I make it my mission to spread the word about Vidazorb. If I can help one mommy out there, then I’ll be more than satisfied. Yay Vidazorb! :)