The Accounts of a Probiotic Newbie – From the Mom of Sick Kids

I have a nineteen month old daughter who suffered from frequent ear infections. Not only was this painful for her in and of itself, but then she became a repeat user of antibiotics.  The first time she took antibiotics, she did fine, but then by the second time, things took a drastic turn. The antibiotic caused my baby horrible problems. My sweet, calm little girl was thrashing and screaming violently and her entire bottom had broken out into a horrific rash.  Obviously we switched antibiotics which helped with the thrashing, but the rash was still there and she had to be treated for a yeast infection. Enter Vidazorb Belly Boost.

As someone who had used antibiotics, I knew there was the potential for stomach upset, as well as yeast infections.  The last thing I wanted was for my daughter to suffer any more than she had to. I think ear infections are more than enough.  From that time forward, which was at least another six ear infections, any time my daughter was prescribed antibiotics, I coupled it with Belly Boost.  Since the tablets are too large for my daughter to chew, I simply crush them between two spoons and then give them to her on a baby spoon.  When she sees the spoon coming, she opens her mouth wide—kind of like a baby bird waiting for food from her mom.  It’s as if she knows that this is helping her.

I’m happy to report that since I’ve started giving my daughter Belly Boost in conjunction with antibiotics she has not had a yeast infection, and from what I can tell, she has no stomach upset.  Based on her success, I’ve been taking Vidazorb Super C daily to offset the side effects of an antibiotic I’ve been prescribed for rosacea.  Thanks to Super C, I am able to tolerate my antibiotic without the painful side effects that were starting to develop. Whenever someone asks me, I recommend they use Vidazorb products to help counter the negative effects of antibiotic use.