The Accounts of a Probiotic Newbie – From a Runner

I like to run. A lot. I’m fortunate in that I can run for pretty much as long as I like. I have also been blessed with a good back and knees, so they don’t really slow me down. My only Achilles is my stomach. It can stop me dead in my tracks.

There’s been occasions where I feel fine and then out of nowhere it hits me. And it’s not always the same feeling. Sometimes, it’s a sharp shooting pain and other times it’s that all too familiar/unwelcome rumbling feeling. Either way, the results are disastrous and they literally ruin my day.

I obviously had to do something about it. I did what most people do these days by getting online and seeing what other people with similar issues were doing about “runner’s stomach.” You would think you were talking to 300 doctors!

The suggestions I found online ranged from drinking copious quantities of water to eating disgusting gel packs and loading up with carbs. I was desperate, so I was trying them all. While several people mentioned that yogurt had worked for them, I have always been repulsed by the premise of the stuff.

Then I found one blog that suggested a probiotic supplement. In fact, they suggested trying Vidazorb. And success!! Here I am today, running as far as I want to with no stomach problems. I never really had any other digestive problems and was always regular, but it’s the best feeling in the world running a race and knowing that I don’t have to worry about a thing.