The Accounts of a Probiotic Newbie – From a Potty Training Mom

My son has had tummy troubles since he was born.  He never could “go” right. All his doctors told me he would grow into it, and it would stop with time.  As he grew older, it got worse, and we were at his dr, as well as a pediatric gastroenterologist on the regular.  Nothing helped, and they had him on all these harsh stimulants.  He still had pain going, didn’t go daily, and with potty training coming up- it was a real nightmare for everyone.

Then I won a bottle of Vidazorb, a product I have never heard of, off of a blogger’s website.  It was a little Godsend for us. My son was going to the bathroom within 3 days, no trouble, no pain.  Within a week, his eczema had also cleared up- which was an unexpected bonus.  I will never, ever take him off Belly Boost, the children’s Vidazorb.  It was the best thing he ever had. As a mommy, it killed me to see him in pain and not be able to stop it, not be able to do anything real to help him. None of the doctors, none of the medications really worked, and they made him uncomfortable.  Belly Boost has been the best thing in the world, and I tell every parent that I know about it.

As a nanny, a mommy, a pre-k teacher, I have done my share of potty training,  and if it hurts, they won’t do it.  ALL kids get constipated.  Any parent who wants to spare their child really tough movements, and both of you really tough potty training- I HIGHLY recommend Vidazorb.  It will keep your child regular, and happy.  If it doesn’t hurt?  No problem, mom!

By the way- if you want to see some before and after photos of my son’s skin?  Check out these photos <> .  No joke.  You can also see all the medications and over the counter, as well as holistic and other probiotics we tried. This is the real deal.