The Accounts of a Probiotic Newbie – From a Long-Distance Runner

By NYCRunner

I am a long-distance runner. After spending my first 26 years on earth not being into any kind of sports activity, I decided to sign up to train for my first half-marathon with Team in Training. As I undertook this endeavor, I was suddenly faced with many changes in my body. There were the positive affects, such as losing some lbs and gaining more energy and endurance. But what I didn’t expect were some of the negative affects, like irritable bowel. The first few weeks I didn’t have much of an issue, but as the trainings got longer and the protein intake was increased, my stomach became more sensitive. I already was run-walking, but due to stomach issues, I did more walking than running. The stomach cramps and sudden urge to go to the bathroom really slowed me down during the long trainings—it was like the movement was literally shaking up my insides and I was often running my fastest when looking for a bathroom on the training route. Even though I felt like an alien in my own body for four months, I did complete the half-marathon and felt great about it. In fact, I decided to sign up to do another one the following year, but as I approached my training season, I was lucky to hear about Vidazorb® chewable probiotics and the benefits they have on the digestive system. So with that, I started taking them religiously throughout training. The difference between the two training seasons was like night and day! Vidazorb® really helped me keep my stomach on track throughout the season. In fact, I finished this race 20 minutes faster than the first race, and I think Vidazorb® deserves some of the credit.

This week the training was short, but I still took Vidazorb to make sure my stomach was ready. I found that it helped my digestive system become more regular. No odd side-affects or anything.

I kept up the Vidazorb and didn’t have much to report—but I think that is a good thing.

Training is getting longer and that means making sure I fuel up during practice. Adding Gu and bars back in to my diet is always interesting, but I think Vidazorb helped my body be able to handle it a bit better this time around.

This week I forgot to take Vidazorb a few times—and that meant an uncomfortable run around some park in New Jersey trying to find a bathroom. Lesson learned.

WEEK 5/6:
Trainings are going great—and the Vidazorb seems to be doing its job. I remember very specifically what it was like about this point in the training last year and it wasn’t this comfortable. I can now leave for practice without having to plan out where the bathrooms are in advance.

WEEK 7/8:
I’m fully in to the training at this point with 10 mile runs on the weekends. I find that my digestive system is feeling the affects, not just on training day, but all throughout the week. But I can say for sure that it is much better than it was the last time.