The Accounts of a Probiotic Newbie – From a Lifetime Dieter

OK, so the word diet is out, healthy eating and weight management are in! So what, it’s just another way of saying you have to eat less.

I have been on a perpetual diet for as long as I can remember and the really annoying thing is, I don’t eat anywhere near as much as some people I know and for the most part I eat very healthfully.

So what’s the secret, the magic bullet to the perfect body? There is none. Some are born luckier than others when it comes to weight and most of us really have to work at it – everyday.

Just so you can get a real sense of my commitment to the battle of the bulge, I have tried a lot of fad diets and sensible ones too and for the most part, I have lost and maintained that weight loss for varying lengths of time. Let’s take a look at some of them:

1. In my late teens the Cambridge Bread Diet was very popular in the UK. It was this special “diet bread” that cost three times that of any regular loaf, but when consumed as part of a weight loss diet and exercise regimen….blah, blah, blah….Well I can report success, I did drop 20 pound, but I ate like a bird!

2. Then I discovered the Beverly Hills Diet – a la conscious combining. I have never eaten so much pineapple in my whole life, not to mention papaya (I really hate papaya) and prunes! The great thing about this diet – champagne goes with everything, wine goes with fruit and vodka is a carb. I could live with that….. and did, 50 pounds melted away and I went down to my lowest dress size ever. I maintained for two years, the only problem was I got sick of pineapple, prunes caused me my most embarrassing day ever in Paris (I will spare you the gory details) and when you can eat as much chicken as you want (with nothing else) it’s surprising how little chicken you can actually eat.

3. Next came Dr. Atkins. This one was a little tricky for me. I don’t love red meat but I do love red wine. The protein overload with nothing to wash it down with was challenging, not to mention a trip to South America surrounded by carbs. But I stuck to my guns and dropped 25 pounds before the carb cravings got the better on me. Really what’s cheese without a really good crusty bread and a good cab!

By now you can see a pattern. I really like food and drink and it really hangs onto my hips. I can cut it out and cut it back but not forever. The challenge is the images we women are faced with every day. My formative years were shaped by Twiggy, that woman has a lot to answer for. But, she was naturally thin and the size of a pencil, I am not. So what’s my “new thing”? Well after suffering through menopause which was a 5 year diet hell – didn’t matter what I did I could not shed a single pound, but I gained a little wisdom. I needed a way of eating that would keep me at a shape and size I was happy with (to hell with the scales) and a healthy regimen that would help me feel good. Enter The South Beach Diet and Vidazorb.

The South Beach Diet is pretty flexible and has a ton of great recipes (I love to cook). I’ve never been able to eat a pint of ice cream in one sitting, so the fresh veggies, salad with fish and chicken approach works for me. Wine isn’t banned so that’s a huge plus and my daily Vidazorb helps reduce the bloating. I swear it sometimes acts as an appetite suppressant too. But the really great thing is the regularity. Some of the crazy diets wreak havoc with your digestive system and without being too graphic, a really good elimination in the morning gives you a great “empty” feeling. If nothing else I know I’m doing something good for myself and with all those fresh veggies and salad greens I’m eating it’s good to know Vidazorb helps with gas too! Oh and I’m down 10 pounds!