The Accounts of a Probiotic Newbie – From a Diabetic Grandmother

I am a diabetic. I had a small urine infection and was taking antibiotics. I had a lot of stomach discomfort and I started taking Vidazorb probiotics. The improvement has been wonderful. The discomfort is gone! I think I have to keep taking the probiotics. It will really help ease the stomach discomfort I currently feel from taking 3 medications daily for my diabetes, and hopefully put some end to long discomfort I’ve felt from when I was taking 6 prescribed medications a day. I’ve had a lot of problems digesting things and even that seemed to improve since I started taking the probiotics. Also, this is embarrassing to say, but because my digestive system has been a little out of control, not only because of my age but also all the medication I’ve been taking, I would often have to run to a bathroom! I’m happy to say that has been happening less.
Before taking them, I consulted with my doctor, because I can’t take anything without consulting with him first. I presented him with the probiotics. He read the label and assured me that I could take Vidazorb. After looking at them he said they were very good tablets.

During my first week with probiotics I have definitely noticed a change in how often I go to the bathroom. I would usually go once a day, and in my first week I am going now twice a day.

This week I am not only going to the bathroom with more frequency, but I have noticed that I go more easily. Also I feel like my body is being cleansed. Without giving too much information, I’ll just say I am shocked at how much can come out of one’s body. It’s as if whatever was unnoticeably accumulating in my intestines is being cleared out.
My stomach is also feeling much better. I am no longer feeling the same discomfort in my stomach from my medications as I was a few weeks ago. I am not experiencing the acid reflux I was feeling as often as before. It is not gone, but it’s getting better.

This week I feel wonderful! No acid reflux, no stomach discomfort, and going to the bathroom is much easier. I’ve actually never had my stomach feeling so well. My stomach is more sensitive because I do take so many medications for my condition, but I’ve been struggling with stomach discomfort since I was little. This is a big change for me.

WEEK 4/5:
I am still feeling great, but now I am worried because I’m running out of Vidazorb! I’ll continue to take them until I run out and see how I feel but I’ll definitely be getting more soon! I feel so well that I actually cancelled my appointment with my gastrointestinologist next week. My gynocologist saw how many medications I’ve been taking and made an appointment for me. She thought that I should have my stomach checked. I feel, however, that they will only perform more analyses and prescribe more medication to relieve my stomach problems that are partially caused by all the other medication I am already taking. I don’t want more of that going into my body and thanks to the probiotics from Vidazorb, I feel like now I can take less and feel better.

WEEK 6/7:
I ran out of Vidazorb two weeks ago, and I want to take them again. I still feel well, not as great as before, and I have stomach discomfort again.
I admit I wasn’t taking Vidazorb 3 times a day. I was taking it twice a day, but it was still working great. Now I haven’t been taking probiotics for three weeks. The second week without them I noticed slight changes. The most noticeable change was the return of my stomach discomfort. Now in my third week without them, going to the bathroom is becoming difficult, actually I am bit constipated again, and other days I find myself I am running to bathrooms as I was before. At the age of 70, I need to feel as I did as when I was taking them. At this age, you notice changes in your body and for me who didn’t know anything about probiotics I think I’ll be taking them forever!