The Accounts of a Probiotic Newbie – From A Traveling Mom

I spent the day in San Diego with my family. I had to go down there so my hubby could bring back a company car. So we had lunch and were headed home (we live about an hour and a half from SD). I was driving for about 30 minutes when I started to get a really bad stomach ache and nausea. It was so bad I knew  I was going to get sick. So I dumped out a shopping bag to get prepared, all the while trying to find a place to pull over. I was in so much pain I could barely drive. I looked in my cupholder and saw a bottle of Zorbees. I quickly grabbed it and took one tablet. I chewed it up really slowly as I exited the freeway. Almost instantly, my stomach calmed down. I’m not sure how that bottle of Zorbees wound up in my car, but it’s staying put. I swear that stuff works wonders. :) I found myself at the beach whenI pulled over. So I let my kids run around in the sand while I recuperated.