The Accounts of a Probiotic Newbie – A Narrow Escape from Food Poisoning

For years, the only time I have ever taken probiotics was before I went out to eat a greasy, unhealthy meal or had a big bowl of ice cream. That way I could ensure my stomach didn’t go crazy on me. I do eat yogurt every morning – which doesn’t really count!

One afternoon last week, probiotics came to my rescue and I am now a believer.

I was making turkey and swiss cheese sandwiches with my brother after a morning playing soccer. My brother had opened the package of turkey and commented that it smelled a little odd, but that’s nothing new with pre-packaged cold cuts right?

Well I devoured my sandwich and returned to the kitchen, pondering whether to make another, when I noticed the foul of the slicked turkey I had just eaten! Had my brother checked the expiration date?

December 2010.

Four months old. How on earth could you lose track of turkey for four months, one might ask?

I simply don’t know. Perhaps it slipped through the cracks at the grocery store. Perhaps, simply by chance, it sat in the fridge for four months – a preposterous thought, and highly unlikely.

Whatever the case, something had to be done. Thinking quick, mainly because I had a date that night, I tracked down my bottle of probiotics. Chewing a handful (let’s say 5), I prayed that December’s turkey didn’t bring on a night-ending condition. I felt my stomach rumble.

Waving the bottle of Vidazorb in my brother’s face, I told him to eat up. He wasn’t having it. Fine, I thought, this will be a test. Probiotics vs. nothing.

Well, guess who went on a date that night? This guy.

Guess who paid the price for doubting probiotics? The other guy.

Needless to say, I will be going “cold turkey” on the turkey for a while.