Tethered Mommy – Vidazorb Review and Giveaway

September 2010

Our house is one full of tummy troubles.  My husband has had stomach issues for many years and is petrified of catching a stomach virus on top of that.  I have my own issues that are a bit too delicate to talk about openly.  Since neither of us are big yogurt eaters, probiotics seem to be a good way to keep our digestive systems working well.

Vidazorb Chewable Probiotics are a bit different than the usual probiotic – they are chewable and shelf-stable, meaning that they don’t need to be refrigerated.  So right away, you can see that Vidazorb is different.

Vidazorb offers a complete line of probiotics to make it easy to get these into your diet, all of them shelf stable.  You can see the full range here.

What exactly do probiotics do for us?  Well, I’m sure most of you know that they help with keeping our intestines healthy.  But there is so much more that they impact positively – like allergies, eczema, even urogenital health in women.  You can read more about that the benefits of probiotics here.

I was able to try the Vidazorb Daily Probiotics.  My husband and I actually split the bottle and I did see a difference.  My stomach seemed less “upset”, as did my husband’s.  It wasn’t a mega-change, but a subtle difference in just feeling better.  I can only imagine how much better prolonged use would make me feel.