Vidazorb Probiotics – Ten Tips To Help You Lose

Vidazorb Probiotics – Ten Tips To Help You Lose

In an ideal world, most of us would probably like to shed a few pounds. In the quest for that perfect number on the scale, many of us have tried fad diets, insane workouts and other ways to lose some weight. While there’s no magic bullet, but there are some lifestyle changes you can incorporate into your daily regimen to help achieve your goals:

1. Rest Up. Recent studies show that making sure you have plenty of sleep will play a big part in managing body weight, adding to the term “beauty rest”. Be sure to get at least seven hours a night.

2. Be a heavy drinker. Water is essential for keeping the body hydrated and we’re actually more likely to retain “water weight” by not drinking enough of it rather than by having too much. The needs of each person will be different, but the general recommended daily amount is 64oz.

3. More fiber. Fiber actually makes calories disappear. Since your body doesn’t digest it, fiber adds satisfying bulk to food. Also, it takes longer to work its way out of your system, meaning less hunger.

4. Less salt. Salt might be a big contributor to why the numbers on the scale aren’t going down. The average American consumes twice the amount the human body should have, leading to weight gain, bloating and the inability to lose stubborn pounds.

5. Exercise: A little goes a long way. We recommend that you workout at least three times a week, but with busy schedules, it’s easy to miss a session. Try to plan out your week in advance, if you realize you won’t have time for three days, try breaking it down into shorter sessions. Even if you only get in 20 minutes, that’s better than nothing.

6. Slow it down. Sometimes we mistake our fork for a shovel. Remember to eat slowly—this will allow your stomach time to let your brain know that you’re full. This will help decrease overeating! Try to put your fork down between bites, this should help buy some time.

7. Deal with food cravings. When a craving comes on, try to distract yourself—take a walk, write a couple of emails, make a phone call. After 20 minutes, reevaluate the situation. You may find that the craving has subsided.

8. Snack healthy. Sometimes the craving won’t go away, so in those situations, seek out a healthy snack. Some of our favorite choices are air-popped popcorn, pistachios or Kamut® wheat puff cakes.

9. Chew your probiotics. We’ve all been hearing about probiotics for overall health, this includes assisting with weight loss. An important part in losing weight is to ensure your digestive system is working properly. Although be careful, because popular methods of getting probiotics, such as eating yogurt, don’t always offer enough CFUs or can load on the calories, so try a supplement such as Vidazorb® chewable probiotics.

10. Get support. Obviously working with a nutritionist is a great way to stay on track, although if that isn’t an option, seek out the support of an online group, such as SparkPeople. It’s a great way to keep yourself accountable.

And, remember that diets are temporary. Losing weight isn’t about being on a diet, it’s about a lifestyle change. Instead of saying you’re on a diet, just say you’re changing up your lifestyle—it will keep you in the right mindset.

We hope these tips prove useful. If you have any other good advice, be sure to let us know in the comments below!