Sky Yoga Studio – Vidazorb Probiotics Makes a Huge Difference to Digestion

I figured I had nothing lose by giving [Vidazorb] a try and as I have always maintained I am not a huge fan of allopathic medicine and definitely didn’t want a 4-6 inch needle driven through my torso if I could avoid it again.  The directions are to take 3 daily with meals. I popped one chewable in my mouth – the +OPC which is supposed to be pomegranate flavored.  First of all, it is a weird earthy cardboard chalk flavor and if it had any pomegranate flavor I could not find it, second it becomes like a dry paste in your mouth sticking to your teeth so be sure to have a drink handy.

Surprise though I was able to eat my favorite Soul Veg seitan wrap without any problems.  And this has been par for the course the last week.  I took Vidazorb Super C every day this week while the kids have been sick and amazingly I caught nothing this time (though Vitamin C alone can do this).  So far it seems that all of my digestive issues have been placated by Vidazorb.  Can I be sure it was the probiotics – not 100% but I did go to Thanksgiving dinner and attempt to eat a few cookies without my Vidazorb and within minutes the same agonizing shooting/cramping pain in my abdomen was back.  I have to say, until these stop working I am a probiotic convert.

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