Share the Health: Vidazorb Sponsors Schoolchildren for Children

Beltsville, MD, March 2010 – Sharing with others is good for your health. Scientific studies show that being altruistic can contribute to a healthier state of being by decreasing stress, releasing endorphins, reducing physical pain and possibly even strengthening the immune system. Sharing is good, and it is just one reason why Little Calumet Holdings, LLC, manufacturers of Vidazorb® probiotic supplements, has adopted the corporate philosophy of Share the Health™.

Little Calumet Holdings, LLC’s strong commitment to improving global health led to the formation of the social responsibility arm of the company. Share the Health™ works with non-profit global health organizations by helping to provide shelf-stable Vidazorb® for use in developing countries.

It is through the Share the Health™ division that Vidazorb® established a partnership with Schoolchildren for Children. Started in the UK in 2005 and recently expanded to the US, the purpose of Schoolchildren for Children (ScfC) is encouraging children to be physically active and global citizens. Fitness fundraising days at schools, or with sports teams and youth development groups, raise awareness of the importance of fitness while fundraising to provide programming in developing countries related to education, sustainability, HIV/AIDS prevention, and youth health and fitness. Participants, young and old, will join in an activity of their choice from walking, running to jumping rope—there is an accommodating list of activities—and pledge to raise money for their efforts. The groups hosting ScfC events may opt to keep half of the money raised to support their own wellness programs with the remaining portion going to ScfC sponsored programs throughout the world.

Schoolchildren for Children was founded by Iestyn Thomas in his home country of Wales. An avid and active youth rugby coach, Thomas was disappointed by the lack of fitness he observed amongst students at the local schools. He envisioned a way to motivate children to become more active by way of helping others. ScfC was formed to aid disadvantaged youth living in appalling conditions in the developing world, while simultaneously encouraging UK schoolchildren to lead healthier lives.

Little Calumet Holdings, LLC is assisting with facilitating the US arm of this charity in order to bring attention to the organization’s good work. E. Frank Hodal Jr., founder of Little Calumet Holdings, LLC, was inspired to create his probiotic line, in part, after years of seeing the horrific effects of malnutrition of children living in abject poverty. The company is also looking to partner with other charitable organizations in order to put beneficial probiotics into the tummies of those who so desperately need them.

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