Share the Health: A Movement to Improve Global Health

Beltsville, MD, July 2008 – Sharing with others is good for your health. Scientific studies show that being altruistic can contribute to a healthier state of being by decreasing stress, releasing endorphins, reducing physical pain and possibly even strengthening the immune system. Sharing is good, and it is just one reason why Little Calumet Holdings, LLC, manufacturers of Vidazorb® probiotic supplements, has adopted the corporate philosophy of Share the Health®.

Little Calumet Holdings, LLC has a strong commitment to improving global health. This has led to the formation of the social responsibility arm of the company, Share the Health®. Share the Health® works with non-profit global health organizations by helping to provide shelf-stable Vidazorb® for use globally, especially in developing countries.

E. Frank Hodal, Jr., founder and CEO of Little Calumet Holdings, LLC, was inspired to create his probiotic line, in part, after years of seeing the horrific effects of malnutrition on children living in abject poverty. “The imbalance of microflora in the bellies of famine sufferers is one of the contributing causes of malnutrition,” Hodal says. “Once the body is that seriously out of alignment, it cannot adequately absorb nutrients when food is finally administered. Probiotics like Vidazorb® can help address this.”

Vidazorb® was developed with a very specific goal in mind – to deliver billions of viable probiotic bacteria in convenient, chewable formulations and without the need of refrigeration. This convenience cannot be underestimated. In addition to marketing the product in the US, the shelf stability without refrigeration means that the unique Vidazorb® formulations can be delivered easily to third world countries.

To further the social responsibility goals of the company, Little Calumet Holdings, LLC is forming partnerships with charities across the globe. Currently, the company is working with Schoolchildren for Children (, a UK charity that encourages children to exercise and raise funds through athletic events. This is not only to help themselves and their schools, but to help children less fortunate in third world countries. Little Calumet Holdings, LLC is assisting with facilitating the US arm of this charity in order to bring attention to the organization and its good works. The company is also looking to partner with other charitable organizations to get beneficial probiotics into the tummies of those who so desperately need them.

Finally, charity begins at home. Little Calumet Holdings, LLC recognizes that there is great unfamiliarity with the benefits of probiotics in the American market. To address that issue, the business developed an education arm, You Are What You Absorb®. This division will take the lead in providing in-depth information and new studies on probiotics and other developments that affect health.

With a strong commitment to quality and scientific validity, Vidazorb® products benefit from seven years of meticulous product development; Chr. Hansen’s clinically substantiated probiotic strains are used exclusively. Vidazorb® Belly Boost is developed with children in mind. Additional proprietary formulations, including Vidazorb® Daily, Vidazorb® Plus, Vidazorb® +OPC , and Vidazorb® SuperC, are useful for adults and the elderly for maintaining optimal levels of beneficial microflora. All Vidazorb® products are stability tested at independent labs.

About Vidazorb®
Vidazorb® specializes in the development of superior shelf-stable, chewable probiotic formulations to provide essential support for core health needs. Research and development, together with a commitment to quality and efficacy, defines Vidazorb® as a brand of integrity and excellence.

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