The Vidazorb® brand of non-refrigerated chewable probiotics is the perfect brand for your store. Consumers love the convenience, it tastes great and according to mom bloggers across the nation it really works for them and their families!

Retail Support 

Vidazorb® is commited to strenghtening its relationships with retailers by educating consumers, providing merchanding materials and conducting aggressive marketing programs in order to build brand awareness and drive sales.

  • Retail Training- Demos
  • Educational DVD
  • Newsletters
  • Consumer Bag Stuffers in English or Spanish
  • Seasonal Promotions
  • Regional and National Advertising
  • PR with Social Media Campaign


What Mommy-Blogs Have to Say About Vidazorb®

“Probiotics seem to be all the rage right now in the health food industry. And why not? When something can help you feel better and stay healthy, it seems like a win/win!…lucky for everyone out there, there are companies providing probiotics in chewable pill form, like Vidazorb!” -Miranda Peik, founder of Tic Tac Dough blog
“…with many probiotics you need to store them in the refrigerator. These you only need to store in a cool, dry place. We tried both the Vidazorb® Daily and the Belly Boost™ children’s chewable probiotic. We love them! My son’s skin as well as minehas shown to be less dry! Also I have felt great since taking them! -Anne McGowan, founder of Deal Wise Mommy blog
Bellyboost-Retail-Shopping-Mom“I have been battling eczema with 2 of my 3 kids. After using the product for 3 weeks now, I have already noticed a differencein my daughter’s skin. And best of all, I have been able to stop giving her the Miralax that she needed to stay regular. Over the past several years, I have read about the benefits of probiotics and taken them myself, but was yet to find a way to incorporate them in my kids’ diet, until now.” -Amy, founder of Baby Product Reviews blog
“I figured a probiotic is a probiotic is a probiotic…But what we found with the Vidazorb was much more than we expected…My seven-year-old has always had a very sensitive stomach, complaining at nearly every meal that his tummy hurts or that the food was giving him ‘icky burps’…After a few days we noticed he was not complaining of ‘icky burps,’ his term for reflux…This is more than I could have asked for and enough to make me a loyal Vidazorb momma!! Watching your child not want to eat because they don’t want their food [to] come back up is awful! Having found something that is naturally helping him is so awesome!” -Ruby Johnson, founder of Chaos and Calm blog
“I like the fact that they are chewable and that you take them 3x a day, to evenly disperse the probiotics.  I even took them with us this weekend on a family jaunt to Times Squares in NYC and I made sure to give them their Vidazorb on schedule to help fight any bugs we might have come across. My kids ask me for them at every meal now.” -Helga D. Lewenberg, founder of LiveGreenMom blog


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