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“I could not wait to start working Vidazorb’s Belly Boost Probiotic Dietary Supplement into Ava’s daily routine. Belly Boost chewables come in adorable and fun Zorbee Bug shapes and Ava thought they were too cute! She has taken the Belly Boost quite quickly; eating them with no problem or fight. When I give these to Ava, I know they are aiding healthy digestion, nutrition absorption and helping maintain her overall health. Since starting the Belly Boost a few weeks ago, Ava has been feeling good and we haven’t had any bugs…fingers crossed this continues! Belly Boost is made for children 4 and up. I would love to start the Belly Boost with Hollis as soon as he turns four to help with his eczema. I am in hopes it will help with those flare ups he gets when the weather changes!

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