As a healthcare professional you understand the health value of probiotics. The Vidazorb® brand of non-refrigerated chewable probiotics is the perfect brand for your practice. Your patients will love the convenience. Vidazorb® tastes great and according to New York City family and emergency care physician Anthony Azar, M.D. Vidazorb® is an effective probiotic that he recommends to all his patients.

Dr. Anthony Azar
New York City family and emergency care physician, on Vidazorb® chewable probiotics:

“Scientific publications support the vital role of probiotics in human biology. I’ve long known that probiotics boost gastrointestinal wellness and immunity, and now it looks like my patients are aware of that too. Over the last year, I have noted that patients who take probiotics on a regular basis have an overall improvement in severity and frequency of eczema flare ups when probiotics are included as part of the overall treatment plan.

But as we doctors know, to truly benefit from a probiotic supplement, there must be compliance. I recommend that everyone should be taking probiotics to improve overall health. With Vidazorb®, the chewable formulation and delicious flavors make iteasy to take as I prescribe, which is daily.
In addition, I have found that a high CFU count of proven bacterial strains is imperative to a probiotic supplement’s effectiveness. Vidazorb® offers an impressive 10 billion CFUs per dose on the two most heavily researched strains, Bifidobacterium and L. acidophilus, found to be the most beneficial for the body.

I have seen Vidazorb® chewable probiotics work effectively on my patients, many of whom report back to me of the positive effect Vidazorb® has on their gastrointestinal system and overall digestive comfort. In particular, I have already had to reorder +OPC multiple times because of patient demand. With the added OPC ingredient I feel I am providing my patients with a comprehensive health product unlike any other.

I am especially pleased that with Vidazorb® probiotics, no refrigeration is required and they remain shelf-stable for over three years, making them perfect for my office – and my patients. Vidazorb® is one of the best I’ve come across.”

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