Probiotics May Help Runners Avoid “The Runs”

Endurance Athletes Find Relief During Training With Vidazorb®

Beltsville, MD, January 2011 – Out of the 467,000 endurance runners in the United States1, approximately 60% of them develop varying degrees of stomach distress during or following a run2. For any runner training for a big marathon, or even just to best their own personal time in a 10k run, the last thing they want to experience is the need for repeated visits to the Porta Potty.

“When I run, which I do a lot, I have had many GI issues and my speed at times has paid the price for it,” commented Brandon Wood, endurance athlete and blogger behind Iron Brandon. “Oddly, when cycling, swimming, hiking and anything else I tend to have no issues at all, only running. I have to think that this is thanks in part to the jostling nature of running.”

It’s suspected that part of the reason endurance athletes experience GI issues during training is due to the blood being converted from the digestive system to the muscles during exercise. The diversion of the blood can cause cramping and make it hard for the body to absorb fluids, which potentially leads to dehydration2. Along with the natural movement of running, the increased amount of protein and carbohydrates in most runners’ diets puts a demand on the digestive tract.

Probiotic bacteria, simply known as “good bugs,” work to help the digestive system function properly. They can help the body process the additional protein and carbohydrates in a runner’s diet by absorbing nutrients while aiding in digestion. They help in hydration because the body is better able to absorb fluids. Vidazorb® chewable probiotics are especially ideal for a runners, as they provide the recommended therapeutic dose of CFU’s in just three tablets a day without adding to demands on the stomach as yogurt might.

After trying Vidazorb®, Iron Brandon did a review on his blog and was able to see that his digestive system did seem to hold up better during long runs. “I kept up my running schedule throughout the course of taking the product and noticed a positive change, or rather didn’t notice the problems I had in the past,” noted Brandon. “Since I began taking Vidazorb®, I have had no GI issues whatsoever. I’m no doctor, but I can attest to the fact that I have noticed the lack of problems I once had before using this product.”

Vidazorb® is hoping to help spread the word to other runners who may experience digestive issues and has gotten involved by sponsoring groups like Team in Training, as well as teaming up with other endurance running bloggers.

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