Probiotics and Vitamin C

If you are you trying to maintain – or reach – that idyllic figure or physique, then look to cutting-edge solutions for support. Your ticket may be something fresh and new or may be a familiar product seen in a new light. Take, for instance, probiotics and vitamin C, a match made in heaven. New research suggests that probiotics may have a tangible effect on controlling your weight. Likewise, vitamin C helps to improve your metabolism, which may help to shed body fat.

Probiotics are live microorganisms which, when consumed in adequate amounts, provide a health benefit to the host. The beneficial bacteria in probiotics help restore the proper microflora in the GI tract and, once achieved, that mix of microbes may influence your weight. Stanford University researchers already use probiotics to help gastric bypass patients loose weight more quickly. Scientists everywhere are excited about the future of probiotics as an adjunct in weight control.

Well-known vitamin C is an electron donor for 11 enzymes involved in biochemical reactions, including those involved in energy production. Vitamin C status is inversely related to body mass; when vitamin C levels are low the ability to burn fat may be at risk. Research shows when vitamin C levels are adequate, compared to when levels are low, 30 percent more fat is oxidized (i.e. burned) during a bout of moderate exercise. Yet 40 percent of the population do not get enough vitamin C from eating fruit and vegetables, particularly citrus fruits, strawberries, melons, broccoli, tomatoes, and peppers. Impaired fat oxidation has been implicated in the development of obesity and in failed weight loss attempts.(1) However, some vitamin C is good, but more is not better. High doses of supplementary vitamin C (more than 2,000 mg daily) can cause diarrhea, gas, stomach upset, and elevated blood glucose levels.

Vidazorb® Super C, orange-pineapple flavor chewable tablets, offer a daily dose of enhanced antioxidant support from the probiotic bacteria, L. acidophilus, LA-5® and Bifidobacterium, BB-12®, along with 60 milligrams of vitamin C, a safe effective dose. Vidazorb®’s probiotics have undergone rigorous stability testing to verify optimal potency. Beneficial probiotic bacteria, along with vitamin C, just may be your ticket to lifelong weight control.

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