The Accounts of a Probiotic Newbie – From an Antibiotics User

I really was trying to mind my own business one Friday night, but a nasty staph infection had other plans for me.  This particular infection I got was pretty mad and showcased its anger for three weeks.  It wasn’t pretty.

I had to stay away from staff at the office and everyone else I knew and liked.  After seeing many wonderful doctors who helped me get over the madness and who dispensed all the right medication, I was still left with the rumblings of the antibiotics, the tummy toxins and very little good nutrition in my belly because it was difficult for me to eat and drink.

Interestingly, I don’t remember any of my physicians suggesting I take pro-biotics for the anti-biotics.  Fortunately, I work for “Dr. Sue,” who dispenses natural medicine advice and who gave me a recommendation to take mega doses of Vidazorb Super C probiotics for several weeks.  Since it was hard for me to swallow, the chewables were a welcome addition to my cadre of care in a bottle.  Definitely a happy standout on my shelf as well.

What I didn’t know and have come to learn thanks to “Dr. Sue “ is that Super C has powers far beyond that of mortal men or women as the case may be (couldn’t help but reference Superman for kids of all ages)!

My Super powers were amazing and finally I was on the road to recovery… I was able to go to the bathroom in one healthy seating/sitting without even reading a full section of the NY Times.  I was able to turn my flatulence into carbon neutral fuel without breaking sound barriers.  I didn’t even build up enough yeast in my body to bake bread!  Feeling so satisfied with my new found powers I wanted to smoke a cigarette, but I DO NOT smoke, never have and never will.

Those of you who understand the power of probiotics, the extra strength of Vidazorb’s good bugs (and believe me I know from bad bugs) and Super C’s fast acting delivery system know how easy it is to get hooked.  Being able to take some control over your own health is super empowering.

Thank you Vidazorb!