Pen quotation mark leftThe best things often come in small packages, and not only has little Zorbee been willingly covering twice the distance of the other horses, but our Vidazorb tablets have been keeping us healthy and with plenty of energy to face long days in the saddle. I am sure my rapid recovery from a serious accident can be partly attributed to my Vidazorb tablets!quotation mark right - Megan Lewis of The Long Horse Ride>>

Penquotation mark leftVidazorb was an unexpected boost… After weeks of harsh medicines and vitamins circulating through my body from the birth of my son, the billions of live probiotics in each chewable tablet really helped my stomach.  After 2-3 days I noticed less stomach aches, and my everlasting cold was almost gone!  I hadn’t really given probiotics a chance before this, but they’re said to boost the immune AND digestive systems… and now I’m a total believer.quotation mark right Bryce from The Luxury Spot>>

Penquotation mark leftI’ve always had a problem with bloating and cramping. Getting into my jeans has been so challenging! But within a week of taking Vidazorb probiotic supplements, I was so much better. An added bonus was that my UTI symptoms were totally gone! Now, I take Vidazorb wherever I go.quotation mark right -Anna

Penquotation mark leftLife has certainly been a journey for our family since our son was born. He was diagnosed with severe food allergies and Eczema as a baby and suffered daily from red, itchy and irritated skin. There seemed to be no cream, ointment or medicine that would offer relief, until our prayers were heard! We were introduced to Vidazorb probiotics and within a short amount of time he was healing! He loves his Zorbee bee like it’s candy…and best of all…it has changed our life. He is now a happy and healthy four-year-old boy who looks and feels great. Thank you Vidazorb!quotation mark right - Lynn Learn more about Lynn’s story»

Penquotation mark leftI love my Zorbee bees because they taste like candy.  I do really love them because they make me better.quotation mark right - Ethan (age 4, former eczema sufferer)

Penquotation mark leftI discovered I had a major vitamin deficiency, and my nutritionist recommended I take probiotics to help with absorption.  I chose Vidazorb probiotic supplements because of the quality ingredients and convenience. I have to say, I’m feeling so much better.quotation mark right - Jules

Penquotation mark leftA friend of mine recommended probiotics to deal with my adult acne. I was pretty skeptical at first, but he insisted it would really help. He was right – after using Vidazorb for a week, my skin was clearer. I don’t know how it works, but it works for me.quotation mark right - Ally

Penquotation mark leftI had oral surgery a few months ago. My surgeon was amazed at how quickly I healed and how little swelling I experienced. I’m convinced it was because of the Vidazorb probiotics I was taking! Thanks!quotation mark right - Theresa

Penquotation mark leftAs a single mom, I was frustrated that my kids were always sick. Cold and flu season just about did me in this year! I read about Vidazorb Belly Boost in a magazine, and how probiotics could help build kids immunity. My kids aren’t nearly as sick as they were before we tried it. And they love the taste of their little Zorbee!quotation mark right - Rebecca

Penquotation mark leftI started to take Vidazorb after a doctor recommended probiotics. It’s a bit embarrassing, but I was very gassy and was constantly belching, especially after meals. I’d say my burps have decreased by 75%. Just as an aside, I’ve noticed I’ve dropped a few pounds since starting them, too. Let’s just say I feel great.quotation mark right - Susan

Penquotation mark leftI’d read a lot about probiotics and wanted to try them. Vidazorb tastes great and they were so convenient. Love the vanilla flavored one! Can’t believe how much I feel better overall. Thanks!quotation mark right - Troy

Penquotation mark leftI went to Egypt recently and everyone got pretty bad travel diarrhea. I took my Vidazorb every day and had absolutely no problems. In fact, I was the only one in my tour group well enough to ride a camel! Thanks, Vidazorb, for keeping me healthy for my dream trip!quotation mark right - Marcella

Penquotation mark leftOn a recent business trip to Mexico, I took Vidazorb before and during my travels. I suffered no ill effects while there. Vidazorb seemed the right choice because it travels well and doesn’t need refrigeration like other brands. I am now a firm believer in probiotics and Vidazorb!quotation mark right - Louis

Penquotation mark leftI’ve read so much on how probiotics help immunity, I wanted to give them a try. I was sick of my constant colds and feeling run down. I travel for work and needed something I could pack in an overnight bag, and Vidazorb seemed a good choice. Plus, the flavors and ingredients are really good. Knock on wood – no colds since starting Vidazorb, and I feel great.quotation mark right - Jon

Penquotation mark leftIn my family, poor digestive health is par for the course. No matter what I eat sometimes, my stomach is a mess! But I’ve noticed after taking Vidazorb, my stomach settles down almost immediately. I’m now using Vidazorb every day, and I rarely have the stomach pain I used to deal with on a daily basis. It’s really changed my life!quotation mark right - Maria