Vidazorb® comes in a variety of great tasting formulations to make probiotic therapy delicious and easy. Each Vidazorb® chewable probiotic formulation is made with the same demanding quality to provide unparalleled potency and efficacy. Choose your formulation based on your favorite flavor or digestive needs.

Daily – Lemon Flavor
A good formula to begin with for general good digestive health.

Belly Boost – Wild Berry Flavor
Moms love Belly Boost for their little ones, especially helpful for eczema, potty training and everyday tummy troubles.

Plus – Vanilla Flavor
A favorite with many of our regular customers.

+OPC – Pomegranate Flavor
Baby Boomers especially love the additional health benefits of +OPC.

Super C – Orange Pineapple Flavor
Travelers and athletes see real benefits using our Super C formulation.

Each formulation requires no refrigeration and provides 50 milligrams (approximating 5 billion colony forming units) per strain, with most formulations offering 100 milligrams (approximating 10 billion CFUs) per dose.