No Gluten, No Problem Super C Review

In the meantime, I can offer my anecdotal experience using Vidazorb’s Super C for the last few weeks. Personally, I haven’t experienced any noticeable change in my gastrointestinal system or overall health, positive or negative. My gut has been taking the British advice to “keep calm and carry on.” I’ve experienced no symptoms that would suggest there’s any rogue gluten in the tablets. I also haven’t experienced any profound gut renaissance. But I’ll say that going into my sample trial period, my GI system was feeling pretty darned good. I haven’t been exposed to gluten since our vacation back in mid-January, and thanks to yogurt, kefir, and other foods, I feel like my diet—and my gut—is pretty healthy, balanced, and regular.

However, I could certainly see the potential benefit of a product such as Vidazorb. If you’re newly gluten-free and have a recovering GI system; if you’ve recently been “glutened;” if you were on antibiotics for an illness; or if you’re looking to re-establish gut balance with priobiotics for any other reason, Vidazorb could certainly be part of the equation.

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