Natural Products Insider – Probiotics Competition

November 2010

Increased digestive problems and antibiotic side effects have paved the road for the rising demand for probiotics worldwide. Consumers might not fully understand how beneficial bacteria work and which ones they should take, but they are interested in trying products that contain them. The probiotic industry has responded by developing a broad range of new product vehicles for probiotics, in addition to creating and furthering technologies to enable innovative applications for these sensitive ingredients.

In late summer 2010, Koncept Analytics released a report predicting the global probiotics market will grow an estimated 13 percent (compound annual growth rate, CAGR) through 2014, with Europe and Asia leading the way. The report, “Global Probiotics Market: Trends and Opportunities,” called the U.S. probiotic market “undeveloped,” but said the future should offer valuable opportunities for growth.