Modern Sage – Super C Review

“Having just been prescribed by my nutritionist to “increase my probiotics” in my health regime, the review for Vidazorb Super C came at a perfect time. Some people don’t realize the importance of probiotics, but believe me, when you use a good one, it will help balance your system faster than just about any other method. When I say ‘system’ I mean, in particular, the stomach, the bowels and the immune system at large.

Probiotics help to restore the microflora in the GI tract, which may sound negligible to you, but for your overall health it is a necessary addition to health. Who would need probiotics? Pretty much anyone that has ever eaten processed foods or sugars, or taken antibiotics, or anyone that has bowel issues like constipation, IBS, or other conditions such as candida should be consuming probiotics daily. Others that would benefit are those interested in optimal health and a strong immune defense. So, pretty much everyone!

Vidazorb Super C is a non-refrigerated probiotic chewable supplement that comes in orange pineapple flavor. The flavor isn’t overly strong, but mild, a bit chalky and moderately sweet. Overall, I’d say it’s an enjoyable chew.

I love the ingredients in Vidazorb, as they have added to the L. acidophilus and Bifidobacterium a nice mix of Vitamin C and OPC, (from Masquelier’s Original OPC, non-GMO grapes) which gives the product an extra antioxidant and cardiovascular component. Love that. Some studies show that having proper levels of Vitamin C (proper doesn’t mean “more is better”!) may help your body burn fat efficiently. Bonus!

I’ve taken the supplement for over 3 weeks & here are the pros/cons I’ve experienced.


*My energy level seemed to balance out.

*My intestines seem to function a bit more efficiently. For instance, when I eat ethnic or spicy foods, or a fatty meal I digest it better.

*When I empty my bowels, it feels lighter and with less effort – also very thorough.

*The chewable is pleasant – a little fruity, a little sweet and slightly chalky.

*Can carry it with me, whereas most probiotics need constant refrigeration.


*I did experience quite a bit more gas in the first 2 weeks, then it seemed to normalize.

*The sweetness of the chewable comes from a few sources, the least of which is unfortunately Sucralose. I generally shy away from such ingredients and even called the company to inquire. Apparently it was the only option to allow for a shelf stable product in the chewable form.

As you can see, the pros outweigh the cons and overall I love the product. If they can find a way to switch the sweetener, I’d give it a 10 rating!”

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