Marvelous Mommy – Vidazorb Review and Giveaway

August 2010

What is Vidazorb®??
Convenient. Non-refrigerated. Three year shelf stability.

Safe, effective and rigorously tested. With thousands of scientific studies behind them, probiotics are proving to be one of the most effective supplements available for today’s wellness seekers.

Great tasting Vidazorb® chewable probiotics help maintain digestive health and overall wellness. Belly Boost™ specially formulated for children.

What to expect when taking Vidazorb®:
“When you begin a probiotic regimen with Vidazorb® chewable probiotics you should experience a change in your internal balance, which helps with your overall feeling of wellness. Taking three Vidazorb® tablets a day as recommended  (easy to do with convenient, take-anywhere, non-refrigerated Vidazorb® formulations) will deliver up to 30 billion beneficial microorganisms to your gastrointestinal system – helping to regulate your digestion as well as helping to build your immunity.”

You may have heard of probiotics before. I know when I hear probiotics I think yogurt. Probiotics means ‘for life.’ They help protect against illness and are essential for life. They are usually referred to as “good bacteria” Besides foods, probiotics are available in capsules, tablets, and powders.

I was sent Vidazorb® DAILY, a chewable lemon-flavored tablet you take 3 times daily to maintain overall wellness, to review. One bottle contains 90 tablets. To my surprise, the lemon-flavored tablets are very tasty. I usually am not a fan of flavored tablets by any means. I hate tums and can barely stand vitamin c chews so I wasn’t sure how the lemon-flavored tablets would taste but it was a pleasant surprise!