Vidazorb Probiotics – How To Avoid That Dreaded Belly Bug

Vidazorb Probiotics – How To Avoid That Dreaded Belly Bug

First of all, welcome to our newest feature – the BellyBlog! We hope to share lots of things here for our readers – ranging from tips and best-of lists to information on the science behind probiotics. Enjoy!

Summer is a time to travel for many people and may people take the opportunity to try new and exotic foods. Unfortunately, this gastronomic adventuresomeness is also one of the easiest ways to disrupt the equilibrium of your innocent belly. But there is help! Like a good Boy Scout, “Be Prepared!” Be smart and prepare for potent libations and hard to pronounce foods by following a few useful tips:

Probiotics – Take a strong, healthy inner ecology with you when traveling. Several days before getting onto the plane or boat or train or just into the car, make sure to take your Vidazorb®. Yes, I know that sounds like a commercial but it’s true! And take it all the while you’re traveling, too. Taking your Vidazorb® daily will help you maintain that good travel tummy which means you’ll have more time to spend having a good time and eating iguana soup (which I did once and it was Iguana tomato alphabet soup on top of that!)

Wild Water – Beware of the water and ice in foreign countries. Opt for bottled water and other beverages and maybe reward yourself with an ice cold beer!
If where you are staying has a modern filtration plant you should be fine but know what you drink.

When Eating Out – Be wary of street carts and buffets. As a rule of thumb, stick to the busiest ones using boiling water or providing hot (not warm) food. When diving off Bonaire we’d go out at night for street food. There would be huge tubs of mac and cheese and wild goat on a stick. Delicious but all well cooked. However, both my wife and I have caught the bug on occasion and Priscilla has gotten very ill on chicken at some fancy place in San Francisco. To be on the safe side, here are some useful tips on how to deal with food poisoning in restaurants. (NICK, I LOST THIS LINK WHILE EDITING.)

We need to be careful not only when out dining but when preparing food at home, too. Here are a few helpful clues that should sound familiar.

Be wary of undercooked meat – Make sure the meat is cooked! Use a meat thermometer to help you let meat cook thoroughly. And when finished cooking, place anything that has touched raw meat into the the dishwasher immediately after use. Yes, that means don’t put it in the sink. Wash your hands!

Frozen Section – Make the refrigerated and frozen aisles your last stop in the grocery store.

Wash Them – Wash ALL fruits and vegetables before consuming, being particularly thorough on those with an outer skin.

Watch the Temperature – Be sure to always cook meats to the appropriate temperature and don’t leave any food sitting out – especially in the heat!

Wash Your Hands – We could elaborate on this one, but just do it.

Bon Appetit (or should I say “Bug appetit?”