Gluten-Free Jen – Vidazorb Review

“Vidazorb is a chewable probiotic and does not have to be refridgerated. You can take them anywhere which makes that convienent for todays on the go world. It took 7 years of researching the right strands and formulas to get the product right but it was wroth the wait! They offer a Daily, Belly Boost, Plus, +OPC, and Super C.

Over the past week or so I have been taking 3 of their vitamins. The Plus offers you some L Acidophilius, LA-5, and some Bifidobacterium, BB-12 to help with digistive help. This has a great tasting vanilla flavor that just melts in your mouth. The +OPC is a pomegranate daily age defence. It helps improve the nutrient absorption as well as fights free radicals.  And then there is the citrus flavor of the Super C. This is antioxidant-rich and not only helps boost your digestive wellness but it also helps to improve your immunity!”

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