Giving Back

Share the Health™: A Commitment to Improve Global Health with Probiotics

Vidazorb® has created a program called Share the Health™ with the goal of improving the lives of those in need.

Since Vidazorb® develops chewable probiotic tablets that don’t require refrigeration, the unique Vidazorb® formulations can be easily delivered to Third World countries or areas experiencing turmoil due to natural disasters. Share the Health™ works with non-profit global health organizations by helping to provide shelf-stable Vidazorb® for use in these regions.

Vidazorb® currently works with a group called Mujeres Unidas en Desarrollo (Women United in Development) in the Dominican Republic to provide ongoing aid and supplies in response to the earthquake in Haiti. Vidazorb® also donates its children’s chewable probiotics to various chidren’s charities across the country.

Do you have a program in need of chewable probiotics? Submit your story to the Share the Health™ program here.