Frequently Asked Questions About Vidazorb®

    Question: What are probiotics?
    Answer: Probiotics are live microorganisms which, when administered in adequate amounts, deliver a health benefit to the host. Each of us has trillions of these microorganisms already in our gut, some beneficial and some harmful. Probiotic supplements like Vidazorb® help maintain the balance of a healthy gut.

    Question: What makes Vidazorb® different from other probiotic supplements?
    Answer: Vidazorb® went through 7 years of research and development before being introduced to consumers. Both the ingredients and final product have been testing by independent agencies to guarantee effectiveness. Vidazorb® probiotics are also unique because they are chewable, don’t require refrigeration and taste great. Learn more about us throughout the website.

    Question: How many Colony Forming Units (CFU’s) are in each Vidazorb® tablet?
    Answer: Each tablet has close to 10 billion CFU’s, a third of the daily recommended dose.

    Question: How does Vidazorb® compare to yogurt products?
    Answer: Many yogurts products contain less that 1 billion CFU’s while Vidazorb® has up to 10 billion per tablet. Also, no yogurts use the rigorously tested Chr. Hansen strains so they may not be as effective. In addition, Vidazorb® does not need to be refrigerated, while all yogurts need the cold to keep their bugs alive.

    Question: How does Vidazorb® work?
    Answer: Vidazorb® works by assisting the essential microflora we possess in our digestive systems to improve health. With an estimated 80 percent of the immune system located in the gut, improving this microflora balance has many health implications for increasing the body’s natural defenses.

    Question: How do I take Vidazorb®?
    Answer: For adults and children over 4, it is recommended that you take one chewable tablet three times a day. Just pour one in your hand and chew! It is a very easy way to take probiotics – especially when you are traveling. For children under 4 years old, be sure to crush the tablet to avoid swallowing before chewing thoroughly. As an added precaution, start with a regimen of two tablets a day and monitor the result. Probiotics can occasionally cause gas and children are sometimes upset by the uncomfortable feeling. With regular use, however, that reaction, should it occur, disappears.

    Question: Do I need to take Vidazorb® with food?
    Answer: No. You can enjoy Vidazorb® any time that is convenient for you, however, it is recommended that you take Vidazorb® a half-hour before eating.

    Question: Are there any side effects?
    Answer: On rare occasions, people notice that in the first few days of taking Vidazorb® there is a possible increase in gas and bloating. This is a temporary reaction as your body gets adjusted to new amounts or strains of good bacteria, and the probiotic bacteria get established in your gastrointestinal system.

    Question: Most probiotics have to be refrigerated. Do the bacteria in Vidazorb® really stay alive even though they aren’t refrigerated?
    Answer: Yes. The unique formulation of Vidazorb® makes refrigeration unnecessary. Vidazorb® was created with the consumer’s needs in mind, with an understanding that a refrigerator may not always be available. It has been independently tested to ensure that all formulations can be kept on the shelf while retaining potency. In addition, great care has been taken to select the most appropriate packaging to ensure the most advantageous environment for the probiotic bacteria.

    Question: Are the flavors all natural?
    Answer: Yes. All Vidazorb® flavors and colors are 100% natural.

    Question: Is it safe for those that are lactose intolerant?
    Answer: Yes. Vidazorb® is formulated without milk or dairy products and is completely safe for the lactose intolerant.

    Question: Does Vidazorb® contain gluten, wheat, corn or salt?
    Answer: No. Vidazorb® is safe for people with known food allergies. Vidazorb® formulations do not contain gluten, wheat, corn or salt and may also be advantageous for those with celiac disease.

    Question: Does it contain animal by-products?
    Answer: No. Vidazorb® does not contain animal by-products.

    Question: Is it safe for diabetics?
    Answer: Yes. Vidazorb® is safe for those with diabetes and the sweetener used is recognized as safe by the American Diabetes Association, the FDA and international health agencies.

    Question: Why does Vidazorb® contain sucralose as a sweetener?
    Answer: Probiotic bacteria are notoriously fragile. Vidazorb® was tested with many sweeteners during development. The other sweeteners created an environment in which the bacteria could not survive. Sucralose is used in extremely small amounts in Vidazorb® to enhance flavor but it was chosen primarily because the bugs liked it. Sucralose also makes Vidazorb® safe and effective for diabetics and those with other sugar sensitivities.

    Question: Can I take Vidazorb® while also taking antibiotics?
    Answer: Yes. In fact, Vidazorb® can often counterbalance the discomfort brought about from antibiotic treatment. Vidazorb® can help by repopulating the gut’s essential microflora, which have been depleted by antibiotics.

    Question: Can Vidazorb® be taken with other medications?
    Answer: Yes. Vidazorb® can be taken with other prescription drugs as the probiotic strains used are already found in the gastrointestinal system. If you have any concerns it is always prudent to check with your healthcare provider about such matters.

    Question: Are the bacteria contained in Vidazorb® safe?
    Answer: Yes. With hundreds of clinical studies behind them, the Chr. Hansen bacterial strains used in Vidazorb® are not only highly effective, but they are also completely safe.

    Question: Can Vidazorb® help me to be more “regular?”
    Answer: Usually. The bacterial strains used in Vidazorb® have been tested and found to promote regularity in many people. In addition, Vidazorb® can often help with the discomfort of diarrhea or other digestive concerns. However, if symptoms persist, it is wise to seek the advice of a healthcare provider.

    Question: Vidazorb® Belly Boost™ is recommended for kids 4 and up. What about younger kids needing probiotics?
    Answer: Vidazorb® chewable probiotics are formulated to be safe and effective for all users. The Belly Boost™ tablets are simply a size that is not recommended for children under 4 years of age. However, parents may choose to give them half a tablet at a time or crush the tablet and put it in food or formula.

    Question: Can I take Vidazorb® if I am pregnant or nursing?
    Answer: Absolutely! Some studies suggest that probiotics benefit pregnant women or those who are nursing. However, just to be safe, we encourage you to check with your health professional first before taking Vidazorb®. Remember, the mother passes her microflora to her child and this is how the immune system begins in a healthy infant.

    Question: Is Vidazorb® safe for my child with eczema?
    Answer: Yes. We have heard from many mothers that Vidazorb® drastically improved their child’s eczema symptoms. If your child is under 4 years old be sure to crush it to avoid swallowing before chewing thoroughly. As an added precaution, start with a regimen of two tablets a day and monitor the result. Probiotics can occasionally cause gas and children are sometimes upset by the uncomfortable feeling. With regular use, however, that reaction, should it occur, disappears.

    Question: Can adults take Belly Boost™? And can children take the adult products?
    Answer: Yes. Adults and children can take any of our formulations. Many children favor Belly Boost™ because of the flavor and the Zorbee character shape of the tablet.

    Question: Where can I find Vidazorb Chewable Probiotics?
    Answer: Vidazorb® is available at Willner Chemists, Avalon Chemists and C.O. Bigelow Chemists in New York City and online at Vidazorb.com and Drugstore.com. If you sign up for our newsletter on the Vidazorb® website or follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you will receive periodic discount offers.

    Question: Do you deliver Vidazorb® outside of the U.S.?
    Answer: Due to shipping restrictions, we do not do not deliver outside the country, however, you can purchase Vidazorb® products from Drugstore.com for delivery all over the world.

    Question: I’ve had a great experience with Vidazorb®, can I submit a Vidazorb® Diary for the website?
    Answer: Yes! We would love to hear from you. Please fill out the form in our Submit a Diary page and include a brief summary of your Vidazorb® experience.

    Question: I’m a blogger, can I review Vidazorb® for my website?
    Answer: Please contact leesa@adinfinitumny.com for all media inquiries.