When company Founder and CEO Frank Hodal set out to create an enjoyable children’s probiotic product, the amazing effect it would have on those suffering with eczema wasn’t even on the radar. “None of the science really addressed the issue with any authority and our attention was elsewhere, on other benefits,” said Hodal. “To our great surprise Belly Boost™ has been the catalyst for many stories and relationships. This page provides information about eczema while sharing some of the success stories of which we are so proud.

Belly Boost™ and Eczema

When a mom asked Vidazorb® about the link between BellyBoost™ and Eczema, Frank Hodal had this to say: “Oh, boy, infant/eczema/summer heat: you may be in for some sleepless nights. Let’s see if I can be of any help in answering your question.

First, I assume that your family doctor or a dermatologist has identified your child’s rash as eczema. This is important because there are other maladies that can mimic the symptoms of atopic dermatitis, the clinical name for eczema. So, you have to be certain as to exactly what the rash is.

Second, you need to try and determine what might be causing the eczema outbreak. Since eczema is essentially a symptom of the body’s displeasure with something somewhere, that is where one needs to start. Most cases where Vidazorb® has been able to help parents have had to do with food sensitivities or food allergies. However, the eczema could be the result of a sensitivity to tobacco smoke or cologne or perfume or dust or metal or emotional stress or pet dander or creams and ointments and the list goes on. Then, of course, one has to consider family DNA and whether or not you delivered C-section and even what sort of microbiota you had to share with your prenatal baby. This is also what makes it difficult for doctors to treat eczema quickly and successfully; i.e., they don’t always know what’s causing it. As with most maladies, when treating eczema there is no “one size fits all.”

Three, Vidazorb® isn’t a miracle drug, in fact, it’s not a drug at all. Vidazorb® is a special formulation that keeps very useful strains of essential probiotic alive and available in a chewable tablet. Though that in itself is quite an accomplishment it’s the Chr. Hansen bacterial strains that provide the real benefit. Nonetheless, Vidazorb® won’t help everyone and those it does help won’t necessarily be helped at the same time and in exactly the same way. We have had one other mother who had similar results to yours. She gave her child Vidazorb® and she felt it wasn’t helping. She told me that her doctor told her to keep on giving the infant probiotics but she was uncertain. I suggested she stop and here’s why: she didn’t know what was causing the eczema and she continued to use other things that had been suggested but not, as I recall, powerful steroid creams or things of that nature. Did the Vidazorb® cause her child’s situation to worsen? Unlikely, but in the world of science you learn never to say never. I did research the available and extensive data from Chr. Hansen and looked over our list of other ingredients to see if something could be trigging the episodes. Nothing. And hundreds of infants and children were improving on it. Still, much like yourself, this young mother was paying great attention to her child and I was confident that something would eventually reveal itself to her and she would take the next step she thought best.

So, I think it’s reasonable for you to stop giving your child Vidazorb® at this time and see what happens. Most cases of youthful atopic eczema disappear by the age of five though I appreciate hearing that when your baby is only nine months is hardly comforting news. And be thorough in examining the baby’s environment. It may be a blanket or a drape or mold in some corner that is the culprit, it is so hard to know. Talking with a doctor who has real experience in diagnosing the cause of childhood eczema is highly recommended. Just treating the symptoms can be very frustrating for parents and child because it lacks a solution. Somewhere there is a root cause and discovering it will suggest your best course of action.

In the future, if you do choose to give your child Vidazorb® again, two crushed tablets is a good start. The probiotic bacteria in three tablets won’t be harmful but it’s best to build up to the full recommended dose over a few weeks.

Eczema is tough on everyone involved. It can be merely annoying and unsightly or it can be very scary and debilitating. Still, it can be overcome in many cases and it does tend to resolve itself as the child matures. Everyone connected with Vidazorb® wish you and your little girl the very best.”


Mom’s Success With Vidazorb®

“My two year old son had suffered from eczema since he was 5 months old. I researched and researched any and everything about remedies to help with eczema. I came across Belly Boost from a blog and waited almost a year before I tried I out. I thought it was too expensive for a “vitamin”. Boy, was I wrong! I wish I would have got them sooner. Now my son sleeps through the night when he would wake up every night screaming and crying from his “owies” itching so bad. My kids, 2 and 4 both take their zorbees three times a day. They love the flavor and often remind me when I’ve forgotten.” Tami Draffen

“I absolutely can not say enough great things about Bellyboost! These have been a miracle in our life since they have been the one and only thing to help our little boy with his severe food allergies and Eczema. He was covered with horrible itchy Eczema since he was a baby and felt miserable. After trying so many other treatments (allergists, food elimination diets, meds and creams) and nothing working, we knew we needed to find something that would not just treat his symptoms having it come and go…but to find something that treated the cause. This began clearing him up immediately and he now looks like a completely different child! He has had hardly any Eczema in the past year and he can eat lots more foods than we ever imagined. Plus he LOVES to chew these since they taste yummy. He is a happy and healthy little boy now and we are so thankful we found Bellyboost! I highly recommend this” Lynn Stone

“I am a regular user of probiotics for overall general good health. My little boy has eczema, and his doctor told us that probiotics would be helpful, but I couldn’t find a chewable for kids until Vidazorb. I was thrilled, and we have found them effective, his eczema is much better than it used to be. I think if a kid doesn’t like the taste, what are they comparing it to? Other chewables? My kid’s other chewables have a sugary coating that is very sweet, so this probiotic, in comparison, wouldn’t be as candy-like. But it isn’t supposed to be candy-like or a necessarily a treat, it’s a supplement, chewed and swallowed in about 30 seconds. My kids don’t love the natural toothpaste I make them use but I tell them not everything has to be a gourmet dessert experience, it’s for their health. I’m now enjoying Vidazorb because they have chewables for adults too. They taste good and why should only kids get chewables?” Dee

“After using the product for 3 weeks now, I already noticed a difference in my daughter’s skin. And best of all, I have been able to stop giving her the Miralax that she needed to stay regular. Over the past several years, I have read about the benefits of probiotics and taken them myself, but was yet to find a way to incorporate them in my kids diet, until now. Thank you Vidazorb® Belly Boost™ for coming to the rescue!” The Suburban Mom




Vidazorb® Children’s Probiotics May Help Fight the Dramatic Increase of Eczema

Beltsville, MD, May 2011 – Is childhood eczema becoming an epidemic? Recent statistics show that one in ten children develop symptoms of eczema before the age of five. This is alarming news for parents. The obvious symptoms that accompany eczema are often hard for and parents to overcome. The children are miserable while the parents are left feeling hopeless and confused by the affliction. Fortunately, recent studies show that regular use of probiotic supplements like Vidazorb® may be the key to relief of eczema.

Eczema is not an allergy in itself, it is the body’s response to allergens such as food, fabric, grass, pollen and other environmental factors. These allergens trigger the skin’s response of incessant itching, hives and welts. Medical treatment often includes oral or topical steroids, which can be too harsh for a young child, and often, can actually worsen the situation. Read more


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