Probiotics and Exercise

If this is your first visit to the Vidazorb® site, then welcome. For those of you whom it is not, you are most likely aware of our take on probiotics. Vidazorb® believes that the benefits of probiotics span throughout the entire body. Adopting a probiotic supplement into your dietary and lifestyle regimen may not only be restore and maintain the balance of the digestive system, but aid in the overall functioning of many other elements of our elaborate bodies. When exercising, we demand a certain physicality of our bodies and we often times take this for granted. It is only when our stomach begins to bother us or we sprain an ankle when we think, “maybe I should take better care of myself.” While diet and exercise are most definitely vital, another great way to take of yourself and maintain optimal health when exercising is through the use of probiotics!


How do probiotics help you exercise?

About a year ago, we featured the story Probiotics May Help Runners Avoid the “Runs”, which featured several athletes telling how they suffered from horrible stomach upsets whilst running or performing other strenuous activities. Much to our relief, and theirs!, they found that taking Vidazorb® helped them reduce their incidence of diarrhea and related symptoms. While the true science may not be fully clear, the general consensus is points towards the theory that restoring optimal stomach equilibria will help to reduce the inner turmoil that athletes may experience their during exercise.

Probiotics may improve your exercise performance through the following ways:

  • Restoring digestive balance and maintaining optimal microflora
  • Increased nutrient absorption
  • Instilling regularity to avoid getting caught mid-run!
  • Boosting the immune system to ward off bad bugs throughout the body

Why should I take Vidazorb®?

Vidazorb® is the optimal probiotic for those working out for a number of reasons, because:

  • Vidazorb® is calorie-free: this is huge for those who are on a diet or watching their weight. Trying to attain probiotics by eating yogurt or other foods will sacrifices 100′s of your daily caloric plan.
  • Vidazorb® is dairy, gluten, soy and lactose-free: As we mentioned, yogurt contains dairy, which some people cannot take and many more cannot stomach before a workout. Vidazorb® contains none of these allergens, which makes it suitable for anyone who can’t consumer certain things.
  • Vidazorb® comes in great tasting chewable tablets: You don’t have to worry about swallowing down giant horsepills! Vidazorb® chewable probiotics come in great tasting, easily dissolvable tablets.
  • Vidazorb® does not require refrigeration: This makes them the perfect companion for athletes

BONUS – Vidazorb also contains Masquelier’s OPC, a wonderful antioxidant with many proven benefits. In addition to the highest quality strains, OPC provides additional nourishment and enhanced performance for the athletes among us. OPC has been proven to:

  • Prevent the buildup of lactic acid in muscles
  • Keep capillaries flexible and open
  • Helps with nutrient absorption


Do any athletes take Vidazorb®?

Yes! As a matter of fact, we are the proud sponsors of a triathlete! See what he had to say about Vidazorb® and check out his website here.

To be honest this isn’t so much a review as it is a testimonial. I began taking Vidazorb Super C as directed, three times daily. The taste was  quite good and not too overpowering or sweet. I kept up my running schedule throughout the course of the product and noticed, or rather didn’t notice the problems I had had in the past. Since I began taking Vidazorb I have had no GI issues whatsoever. I am no doctor, but I can attest to the fact that I have noticed the lack of problems I’ve had since using this product.

We had another athlete try Vidazorb®, too! This time, it was a long distance runner. She said:

[After having stomach issues in the past]…”I decided to sign up to do another one the following year, but as I approached my training season, I was lucky to hear about Vidazorb® chewable probiotics and the benefits they have on the digestive system. So with that, I started taking them religiously throughout training. The difference between the two training seasons was like night and day! Vidazorb® really helped me keep my stomach on track throughout the season. In fact, I finished this race 20 minutes faster than the first race, and I think Vidazorb® deserves some of the credit.