Children’s Probiotics and Eczema – Ethan’s Story

“…it has changed our life.”

“Life has certainly been a journey for our family since our son was born. He was diagnosed with severe food allergies and Eczema as a baby and suffered daily from red, itchy and irritated skin. There seemed to be no cream, ointment or medicine that would offer relief, until our prayers were heard! We were introduced to Vidazorb probiotics and within a short amount of time he was healing! He loves his Zorbee bee like it’s candy…and best of all…it has changed our life. He is now a happy and healthy four-year-old boy who looks and feels great. Thank you Vidazorb!” – Lynn

“I love my Zorbee bees because they taste like candy. I do really love them because they make me better.” – Ethan (age 5, former eczema sufferer)

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Almost all of us can identify with the little pang universal to motherhood when one of our children needs a band-aid. But imagine what it would be like if your child’s condition were such that he couldn’t leave the house without being bandaged from head to toe? This was the reality for mother-of-two Lynn Stone when it came to her four-year-old son Ethan. His eczema so severe that he could not leave the house otherwise; compounding this were terrible food allergies that reduced Ethan to eating no more than four bland foods (and those only one at a time).

As any mother would be impelled to do in such a case, Lynn embarked on what amounted to a medical mystery tour. Little did she suspect that at its end she would find her solution in the form of — bacteria. In fact, it was the ‘good bacteria’ in Vidazorb® probiotic chewables that proved to be her little one’s salvation. Leading up to this, Lynn had tried specialists, ointments, Amish healers… everything. In desperation, doctors recommended heavy-duty steroids, which nearly destroyed her son’s immune system, and did little to help. Then a minor miracle appeared in the unexpected form of a big, furry dog. Ethan’s grandfather’s dog Wynonna had itchy skin that was making her hair fall out. But when given probiotics, or ‘good bacteria,’ Wynonna’s itchiness ceased almost immediately, and her lush canine coat returned.

When Ethan’s grandfather suggested that this kind of treatment might be helpful for Ethan, Lynn was willing to do anything. She had heard about Vidazorb® Belly Boost probiotic chewables for kids, and decided to give them a try. Within a few days, Ethan’s skin started to look better, and he began to eat foods he had never before been able to tolerate. Within two weeks his skin was completely clear… and within four weeks he was able to eat 16 different foods. Today, Ethan is living life like any other normal four-year-old boy, complete with eating real birthday cake at his birthday party, for the first time.

Ethan’s Story before after Probiotics strains like those found in Vidazorb® have been clinically proven to boost immunity and improve conditions like eczema and various allergies. Unfortunately, many medical professionals remain uninformed about their benefits. As a result, Lynn is sharing her family’s story in order to inspire and motivate women to be proactive when it comes to their family’s medical options. With a view toward their health and wellness benefits for everyone, today, the whole Stone family is on Vidazorb®. In Lynn’s words: “I’m so grateful for it”.

Stone Family on Fox News
The Stone Family discusses son Ethan’s recovery after using Belly Boost children’s chewable probiotic.