About Us

Vidazorb® isn’t your average probiotic.

At Vidazorb®, we are confident in our claim that we are the most thoroughly tested chewable probiotic available in the world. We realized in the beginning that if we wanted people to believe in our products we had to have proof of their quality. We have tested and tested Vidazorb® probiotic formulations and now, when it comes down to that most important test—with you, the consumer—we have a gut feeling we’ll do just fine.

Vidazorb® differs from many other probiotic products on the market because it comes in a chewable, non-refrigerated tablet. This means no spoon required! You can take it with you anywhere. For added convenience, Vidazorb® guarantees billions of live colony forming units (CFUs) in each tablet, unlike many other products that require over ten times as many servings to ingest the same number of CFUs as just one Vidazorb® tablet. Vidazorb® is able to provide superior probiotics at room temperature as a result of strict manufacturing protocol, superior ingredients, scientific formulating and advanced packaging. We chose to produce Vidazorb® this way so we can deliver the same uncompromising quality, every bottle, every time.

Probiotic Strains
There are hundreds of commercial bacteria strains available, some more effective than others, and we know that you need to start with the best ingredients in order to deliver the best products. In a probiotic formulation, it’s not only important to find strains that have demonstrated benefits in clinical trials and scientific testing, but also to identify those which will work together in combination. Many strains are antagonistic and one will cancel the benefit of the other. By using stains that get along well with each other, Vidazorb® probiotic formulations deliver considerable health benefits. We use Chr. Hansen’s clinically substantiated probiotic strains as well as Masquelier’s® Original OPCs which have been chosen for their quality, their clinical trials and their scientific validation. They have passed the test.

Seven years of product research and development went into Vidazorb® before bringing it to the marketplace. Since probiotics are essentially live bugs, certain products can be volatile and alter when stored for a long period of time. Working with scientists at Chr. Hansen and Tedor Pharmaceuticals, Vidazorb® is able to keep its bugs alive and effective for at least a 3-year shelf life.

E. Frank Hodal Jr., the visionary behind the Vidazorb® brand, shares more information about the formulations, his quest for the best products, probiotics, microbiology, digestive health, his passion for helping children and “all things bugs” in his blog: Good Bug Digest.