A Message from Frank Hodal

This chapter of Vidazorb will be coming to an end on 31 August 2013. That is the date that we were able to put on formulations while voluntarily remaining compliant with FDA protocol and cGMP. It is NOT an expiration date nor is it a “freshness” date. Rather, it represents the data we had in hand at the time we begin to manufacture Vidazorb. If I could start that process again today, knowing what we now know, that date would be extended another two years, at least.

However, that knowledge does not allow us to change our responsibility to the pharmaceutical company that manufactured Vidazorb nor does it allow us to change the rules and regulations we agreed to play by. The decision to make Vidazorb by pharmaceutical standards was mine alone. The FDA has no interest in regulating probiotics (though I wish they did) so the additional cost and scrutiny was entirely voluntary.

You might think that a strange choice—many did—but there was NO OTHER way that I could conceive of that would offer me the assurance that we had a viable product. Likewise, there was NO BETTER way for me to have confidence in what we were selling to you, the consumer, our customers.

Because of advancements in probiotic science time and money must be spent on research. This is important to the consumer as well as a solid business decision. But Vidazorb is a small business by any standard and I cannot afford to do the necessary research while manufacturing product. It’s just one of those facts of business life. Well, my business life. So there will be a gap in product availability and for this I apologize. Vidazorb works and people have come to trust it, even depend on it. Please watch Amanda’s interview to see what I mean.

We have three international patents, two more are in the final process of approval and America is still in play. We know how to improve on these patents and we will. China, Japan, New Zealand have already approved our patent. Canada and Australia are reviewing our answers to their final questions and that looks very good. So we will come back bigger than ever. But comebacks, like everything else in business, take time and money so I beg your patience.

Thank you for all your interest and support. Most of all, thanks to all the people who have shared their stories with us. When times were tough those messages of how you were helped by Vidazorb really made a big difference.

And remember! You Are What You Absorb.