2011 Trend: Probiotics Poised to be the Next Multivitamin

Beltsville, MD, November 2010 – Probiotics have recently caught the attention of mainstream media, as regular usage has demonstrated beneficial results for both children and adults. Just as vitamins were initially embraced by holistic and integrated practitioners, probiotics have taken a similar path. Now that big brands have created interest in the category, consumers want to know more. With ever-expanding research supporting the benefits of probiotics for all of us, consumers are now seeking reliable products for everyday use.

“Many people start out in life already lacking the proper gut ecology, and even if we do have an optimal condition, it can be disrupted by the stress of everyday life, prescribed antibiotics, pathogenic bacteria invaders and air and water pollution,” says E. Frank Hodal, Jr., president and CEO, Little Calumet Holdings, LLC, creators of Vidazorb®. “Maintaining the correct balance of intestinal microflora is essential to sustaining good health, and this can be aided by adding a probiotic supplement to a healthy diet.”

According to this year’s market index in Natural Foods Merchandiser, digestive aid and enzyme sales rose by 15.5% in 2009, claiming one of the top spots in the natural vitamin and supplement sales category. This group, including probiotics, such as Vidazorb® chewable probiotics, enzymes, colon cleansers and herbal laxatives, topped $255 million last year, while diet formula sales actually declined 10.9% in 2009.

“Consumers are becoming more aware of the benefits of probiotics and are starting to realize they work best when taken regularly, not just when they have a specific condition,” says Hodal. “Clinical research shows that taking probiotics assists in a healthy digestive tract, which allows the body to extract and absorb important nutrients from food we eat and the vitamin supplements we take.”

Luc Monbourquette, Strategic Sales Manager, Human Health and Nutrition at Chr. Hansen, defines probiotics as strain specific products that target a potency at the time of consumption that can be linked to clinical data. “This is what is being done by Vidazorb® and, as a result, the consumer stands to benefit as these products are very efficacious.”

“It’s nice to see the evolution of the probiotic category where more companies are focusing on delivering products such as Vidazorb® that are true probiotics,” Monbourquette continues. “The future is bright for probiotics, but we need to be mindful that it’s the strain specific science that makes a product a probiotic. We need to continue to educate the consumer so they can purchase products that truly perform.”

In the past, the multivitamin was stressed as a daily necessity to ensure optimal nutrition. Now, many people are using probiotics on a regular basis to increase the body’s good bacteria in order to properly retain vitamins and minerals found in the foods they eat. In addition to the general health benefits of probiotics, these “good bugs” aid with a myriad of health problems including diarrhea, urinary tract infections, yeast infections, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, eczema and other allergies.

“Probiotics are gaining popularity among my patients, many of who ask for my recommendation when it comes to the beneficial bacteria,” says Dr. Anthony Azar, New York City family and emergency care physician. “I explain to all of my patients that probiotics play an essential role in improving overall health and digestive comfort.”

Probiotics are now available in some yogurts, nutrition bars, cereals, supplement tablets, etc. Quality varies a great deal among products, making the road to choosing the most beneficial probiotic supplement confusing. This is similar to when multivitamins were introduced and gained popularity. Consumers needed to act responsibly and research each product in order to determine their value.

“Vidazorb® is great for all body-types, ages and gender—this includes children, who often have digestive issues,” says Hodal. “While probiotic strains in yogurts and other products may die or become ineffective, we use clinically proven probiotic strains in our chewable probiotics. Independent testing confirms product stability for at least three years when kept as directed, without refrigeration.”

As scientific validation expands, probiotics have become widely known for their positive benefits to human health without negative side effects. Vidazorb® chewable probiotic supplements are a healthy, convenient way to provide essential bacteria for the gastrointestinal tract, helping improve digestive health while boosting immunity. And just as with a good multivitamin, it’s best to take Vidazorb® every day.

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